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Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).


Obviously I haven't come to Tottenham straight away and have gone to West Ham, so it is a bit unusual. In the long term hopefully it will work out best for me.

With the size of the squad there are quality players ahead of me at the moment so my chances would be limited and I would probably be stuck in the reserves. To move down and go to West Ham, which is another big club, get my family down and get settled, then hopefully the time will come soon when I get involved with things here at Tottenham.

The two training grounds are not far apart so, like here, I can pop and and train now and again on days off and I can still train with West Ham.

leaving cov
You want to play at the highest level, test yourself and do what you can with your career. I was there five and a half years and I felt the time was right to move on, I just had nine months left on my contract and Coventry needed the money so it worked out well for everyone in the end.

intereset thinking about
I'm from Bedford and my family is there so they can easily get down and see me. It's worked out well for me.

changes play a part
There is a lot of British lads here and they are all young as well. Hopefully I can be a part of that sooner or later, but I have got a job to do at West Ham too. If I can help them back up it will be a good season.

I know Jermain and Johnnie Jackson was on loan at Coventry last year so coming here has been easy and everyone has been friendly.

pushed on
I got Young Player of the Year the year before and Players' Player of the Year last year. The main thing is, last year, I was one of the few that didn't get any injuries and played the majority of the games.

I managed to play the games, did well and it has got me the move here.

My last game for Coventry was against West Ham and after the game he shook my hand and said I will enjoy it at Tottenham - not knowing I was going to West Ham first!

They are all a good bunch of lads and I'm sure before I leave they will give me a few bits of advice.


finding it so far
Since I have joined from Basle I have noticed big differences - the size of the club and the big support of the fans.

I did find it a little bit difficult at first because I arrived just before the season started so I have put my focus just on my football. When I have a little bit of time free I will start to look for a flat and organise all the other things in my life.

other boys
I am getting on very well with all the other players and there is a very good spirit in the dressing room. There are different people, some like to clown about, others are more serious - I get on with them all and things will only get better as I go along.

fredi etc noe
Fredi is the one that does all the translating for me. He is very, very helpful and we are joking in English at the moment. My English isn't so good, but I am starting to learn and it is good to have some French speakers here.

The goal gave me a lot of confidence, not only me but the team. The most important thing was to score in the second of two very tough games, the being about getting used to English football.

surprised by begnning new players
I am not surprised because of the group of players we have. When I was at Basle I won two championships with a good group of players, as soon as I started training here I had every confidence in the ability of the squad.


I enjoyed it, got half an hour in. The result was disappointing, I thought we should have won as we had the better chances and were the better team. For me it was just good to get a run and get a feel of the game.

It is different to what I've played, but I will get used to it.

It is getting much easier with each day that goes by and I get to know more people. If it keeps progressing I could be doing well.

I want to get into the starting line-up, play 90 minutes and show what I can do. I'll just wait for my opportunity but, until then, I will keep trying to do well - it is s a step by step thing.

You have adjust it but I'm here for the football not the weather.

reto debut
I am not so happy because I know I can bring more to the team. It was a bad match because we only got one point and I hope in the next match I can give better to the team.

I know it is not easy, it is a new country, new championship, but I know I can give more and I can't be happy with my performance.

English football is stronger, In Switzerland the referee gives more protection and it is harder here. I like this football and it is all new for me.

I think in two weeks I will be a real English player!

I am in a hotel and looking for an apartment - I don't want to spend all my time in a hotel. It is not so easy for me because it is a new language and new country - but I like it.

My father is here to help me and will be here for one or two months. When I feel things are good he will go back to Switzerland.

I want to thank all the team because they have all been very supportive to me.


It was my collar bone, the muscle came off the bone and they had to sew it back - so it is a long old out time out for me.

I couldn't believe it, I thought I would be back playing in about three weeks. They said I needed an operation and I was surprised, then they showed me the scans and its gone from there.

True, they said if I didn't have it done would be a 70 per cent chance of it popping out again. Having this means there is a 90 per cent it won't.

I can't go back to contact play until about late October, early November.

Never before, it was the scariest thing ever, but I'm glad it's done now and I just want to crack on now.

I was shooting today, it's just the contact side I'm working on now.

It's so annoying, but there have got to be other chances somewhere.

That is the main idea, I desperately want to get back in and play.

It was a relief, strikers came in the season before and we have a good set in Defoe, Kanoute and Keane. The fourth spot is something to aim for and I'm sure the others feel the same.

12 mins ago
It does - too long!