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Renewal period set to open for Season Ticket holders

Tue 02 May 2017, 17:30|Tottenham Hotspur

Following the recent announcement that Wembley Stadium, connected by EE, will be our venue for all home fixtures next season, we are pleased to confirm renewal details for One Hotspur Season Ticket holders for 2017-18.

One Hotspur Season Ticket holders will be contacted by email during the week commencing Monday, May 8, 2017 and provided with renewal instructions.

In recognition of the commitment our Season Ticket holders are making in moving with us to Wembley Stadium for next season we have sought to price season tickets appropriately, with prices starting at £695 for a 19-game Premier League season ticket.

The majority of Season Ticket holders will see a reduction in price on a near-comparable 19 Premier League game season ticket at White Hart Lane when looking at our pricing for Wembley Season Ticket seats on Levels 1 and 5. A small number of Season Ticket holders will see an equivalent price should they elect to remain in a similar area. Additionally, concession tickets will be available in all areas of the stadium and not confined to just one area as at White Hart Lane.

Full pricing information can be found here. Current East Stand Season Ticket holders should refer to important pricing information below.

The pricing of season tickets for 2017-18 is for 19 Premier League games only. We have taken the decision to detach the two home cup fixtures that have previously been included in the Season Ticket package to allow greater flexibility with pricing and accommodation of away allocations. Season Ticket holders will continue to enjoy priority access to tickets for all home cup ties. Additionally, the One Hotspur Gold Membership will continue to provide Season Ticket holders the ability to register a payment card via their e-ticketing account in order to automatically pay for all home cup ties without having to contact the Club.

We are delighted to confirm that, for the 2017-18 season, concession pricing will apply in all areas of the stadium for supporters under the age of 18 and over 65 years at the same rate as currently applied at White Hart Lane. As well as this increased availability for reduced rate tickets for these groups, we will have an identified area of Wembley Stadium that will be designated as a Family Area for supporters wanting to sit with other family groups at home matches. These seats will be located in Blocks 106 and 107 of the north-east area of Wembley Stadium.

Each Season Ticket holder from the 2016-17 season will initially be pre-allocated a seat at Wembley alongside the supporters they currently sit with at White Hart Lane. You will be able to see the seat allocated to you once the renewals process opens up in the next 10 days by logging on to your online ticketing account. This seat selection has been determined mainly based on the current location of your seat and the price of your Season Ticket at the Lane.

Initially, Season Ticket holders need to decide whether or not to accept the seat that has been reserved for them at Wembley during the first phase of renewals. If you choose to accept the seat that is pre-allocated to you, then all you have to do is renew by Friday, May 19, 2017.

Should you decide not to accept this initial seat offer and not renew by this date, then your allocated seat will be released and a second renewal window will open on Monday, May 22, 2017 for 2016-17 Season Ticket holders to select an alternative location from the range of seats available.

This second renewal window will provide an opportunity for existing Season Ticket holders that do not currently sit together with friends or relatives, or who wish to upgrade, to now do so.

Existing Season Ticket holders will have until Wednesday, May 31, 2017 to select an alternative seat from the choice available. If you do not select a seat by the end of this second phase you will lose your benefits as a Season Ticket holder including any loyalty points accumulated. Should you wish to apply to become a Season Ticket holder again in the future then you will be required to join our Season Ticket waiting list.

As in previous seasons, there will continue to be a resale platform available for Season Ticket holders that are unable to make a home match. This platform will allow seats to be listed for sale by Season Ticket holders to other supporters. Full details on this facility will be published in due course.

Any current Season Ticket holders that want to sit with a member currently on the Season Ticket Waiting List must renew in one of the first two sales windows. In the event that their friend/relative is then offered a Season Ticket at a later stage you should contact the Ticket Office and request a seat relocation to move with the new Season Ticket holder.

Once the renewal process for current White Hart Lane Season Ticket holders is concluded we shall then be looking to offer One Hotspur Bronze members at the top of our Season Ticket Waiting List the chance to upgrade to a Season Ticket. We anticipate this being in early June.

Thanks to the increase in capacity both at Wembley Stadium and our new stadium, we expect to be able to make up to 18,000 new Season Tickets available to eligible One Hotspur Bronze members.

One Hotspur Bronze members qualifying for an upgrade to a Season Ticket will be personally notified via email. Once this process is complete we will contact all remaining members with full details about other ticketing availability for the season at Wembley.

We thank all of our Season Ticket holders for their patience and understanding during this process and look forward to welcoming you to Wembley next season.


One pricing anomaly we have sought to correct is the disparity between pricing on what was the East and West stands at White Hart Lane and would now be the South and North stands at Wembley. Due to poorer concourse areas and amenities, the East Stand has historically been priced much lower than seats in the West Stand. With the move to Wembley and the new stadium this inequality in amenities and concourses will not exist and it would be unfair to price the two stands differently going forward.

We do however recognise that this would mean that, whilst most season ticket holders will be benefiting from a reduction in the price of their tickets, East Stand Season Ticket holders would face an increase if they remain in a similar location of seating.

We have therefore looked to remove this issue for current East Stand Season Ticket holders by fixing their renewal price at a level that matches the current White Hart Lane Price for 19 Premier League matches. East Stand Season Ticket holders should therefore apply as above. If you elect to buy in a similar position in the South Stand you will pay the same price as you paid for 19 games this season.

Once the first phase of Season Ticket renewals has closed then all seats in Wembley’s South Stand will revert to the new price point to mirror the pricing structure of the North side of Wembley Stadium.

Click here for iSPURS Wembley Season Ticket Renewal Frequently Asked Questions