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+The A-Z of Erik Edman

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

ACTOR…If you were an actor, who would your leading lady be?
Julia Ormond.

BOREDOM…What do you take on a long journey to keep you occupied/amused?
I would usually take my portable CD player.

CARTOONS…Who is your favourite cartoon character?

DESTINATION…What is your favourite town/city and why?
I once spent a day in San Sebastian in the Basque region of Northern Spain and I thought it was an amazing place. It was only one day, but I was very impressed, a beautiful city.

ELECTRONIC…Are you a gadgets person and what is the most hi-tech piece of equipment you own?
Probably my stop-watch, I think the other players laugh about it! I’m not really into gadgets.

FAMOUS…What’s the best/worst thing about being famous?
I think the best thing is that you can make people happy when you do positive things and that makes you feel good about yourself. I went to my old school not long ago and the kids were really pleased to see me, it’s nice to have that impact on their lives. The other side of that is that when you have a bad game, you feel like you disappoint a lot of people.

GROUNDHOG…Which day would you like to repeat over and over again?
When I won the Swedish Cup playing for Helsingborgs in 1998. It was the first time I had ever won a medal and it was a special day for me.

HARASS…What annoys you, or winds you up?
People who aren’t honest, who promise you something and then don’t fulfill it. You should always try to be honest.

ICON…Who is your all-time favourite sports person?
When I was younger I watched a lot of basketball and Michael Jordan was the big star. Also, Swedish ice-hockey star Peter Forsburg. When I was about 12, he was probably 17 or 18, but he was already the biggest name in the sport in Sweden. He’s a Tottenham fan as well!

JACKET POTATO…What filling would you have in a jacket potato
Prawn and mayonnaise.

KARAOKE…If you had to sing a song, which one would it be?
I really can’t sing, but if I had to, it would be a Swedish song called Sommartider, by Per Gessle who was the guy in the group Roxette.

LUCKY…Do you have a lucky charm or a superstition?
No, I don’t have any at all.

MOVIES…What’s the last film you saw?
I recently watched Lost in Translation.

NERVOUS…What are you scared of?
I would have to say snakes. I like to watch documentaries on TV about them, but I wouldn’t want to come across one in real life!

ORIENT EXPRESS…What’s the best journey you’ve ever been on?
About two years ago, my girlfriend and I went on holiday to Sicily, we drove around the island, it was a great holiday.

PARANORMAL…Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost?
No, I don’t believe in them and have never seen one.

QUICK…Who’s the quickest player you’ve ever played against?
Now that I’ve come up against Jermain Defoe in training, it would have to be him.

RECIPE…When did you last cook…and what did you cook?
I recently did a risotto! I do cook, I’m not that good but I can do it if I have to.

SOUNDS…What did you listen to in the car today?
A Swedish group called Kent.

TOMORROW…What do you always put off until tomorrow?
When I was at school, it was always homework. Now, it’s paperwork if I ever have any!

UNEXPECTED…What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?
When one of my best friends told me he was going to be a father. He was someone who I never would have expected to become a dad, but he’s proved me wrong because he’s now an excellent dad.

VANILLA…What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

WITHOUT…Is there anything that you just can’t live without?
A snack called Cheese Doodles — I think it might be Swedish!

XYLOPHONE…Have you ever played a musical instrument?
When I was younger a friend and I started playing the guitar but I was so bad, I gave up. I don’t think I was really that interested and if you don’t give something like that your full attention, it was always be difficult to learn.

YELLOW CARD…When did you last get a yellow card, and did you deserve it?
I was given a yellow card in Sweden’s Euro 2004 match against Denmark, which I feel I didn’t deserve. I was tussling for the ball with Jesper Gronkjaer and most people thought I was the one being fouled, but the referee gave the foul against me and booked me too. It was an important decision because it meant I was suspended for the quarter-final against Holland.

ZOO…What’s your favourite animal at the zoo?
The dolphins.