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Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

SCOOP couldn't believe his eyes.

It had been a quiet few weeks in the summer at Spurs Lodge before the lads returned for pre-season training but the peace was shattered by one of the loudest things to walk into this corner of Essex.

No, we're not talking music - we're talking trainers. Erik Edman's trainers, to be precise.

Looking like a pair of trainers that had been soaked in a juicer, Erik strolled in without a care in the world. "I love these trainers," he simply stated.

But Scoop wasn't having it and having chipped away for a few weeks, finally persuaded Erik to give his beloved oranges away in a competition that will appear next week exclusively here on Spurs Lodge. "I'm gutted, but they will go to a worthy home," said Erik, who has signed both left and right trainers for the big giveaway.

If proof were needed that a man could actually love his trainers, look no further than the picture above...

WHEN THE COLD nights set in and the Christmas period looms, Scoop knows already which way he is going to turn for a spot of Yuletide spirit. Step forward Teemu Tainio who suspects he is the first Premiership footballer to hail from Lapland.

"It is true, I come from the very north of Finland in Torneo - Santa Claus lives 100km from me!" reported the cheerful midfielder, who added it was not always straightforward learning his trade during his formative years.

"Football there is not such a big thing as everybody plays hockey. I remember playing in the winter with my friends and it was minus-30 degrees. We put a lot of clothes on to play football.

"In the winter the day begins at 9am and it gets dark around 3pm. In the summer it is always daytime with no darkness.

"We have some pitches where you can play, but we also have some indoor facilities. It is not easy though.

"I think I am the first from Lapland to play in England!"

IT MUST be the season for bad shoes - the most shocking of all, this white pair of loafers that Marton Fulop dared wear one day into training.

They gleamed so much that Paul Robinson actually held them away from his eyes as Scoop took this quick picture on the left.

Robbo quickly threw in that we should start a column called 'Shrek's Shoes'. Scoop questioned England's number one further on this...

Scoop: "Why do you call Marton 'Shrek'?"
Robbo: "That's obvious - because he looks like him."
Scoop: "Are his clothes - and shoes - that bad?"
Robbo: "Yes. His gear is horrendous, second only to Noureddine Naybet. And that's saying something."

That settles that then...

NOW OLD SCOOP was not entirely fair with Chris Hughton out in South Korea where we got into the swing of pre-season with our participation in the Peace Cup. Talking about our opener against Boca Juniors, Scoop concluded a pre-match chat as normal by asking the coach how Boca would set up and, to be fair, Chrissie had a good go before noticing that Scoop was being a little mischievous in requesting a dossier on pre-season opponents.

"I think they will employ four at the back and they will certainly have a No.10-type player, that goes without saying. Generally teams from Argentina have this creative type player who plays just off the front and that we will expect," he battled on before realisation dawned.

"Realistically though, we don't know too much about them..."

EDGAR DAVIDS CONFIRMED Robbie Keane's claim that the pair chatted over the prospect of the Dutchman linking up with us last summer after an international friendly in Amsterdam. However, Edgar reports the Irishman was not convinced over his allegance to Spurs.

"Yes, I met him and told him that I was a Spurs fan," recalled the midfielder. "He laughed about it then but it has finally become a reality."

Meanwhile, Edgar came up with a quick-fire response when asked if he would feel a little bit old among our youthful squad.

"I've a young spirit!" he insisted.

CALUM DAVENPORT DESCRIBED his decision to shear his flowing locks last season as a 'moment of madness' he is unlikely to repeat. The central defender opted to go 'Grade Zero' and only now is he beginning to sprout a busy barnet again.

"Slowly but surely it is coming back, I took a bit of stick after shaving it off - I think I went a bit too short," he sighed. "It was one of those moments of madness that seem to happen to me every now and again."

He claimed at the time his use of the clippers would save a fortune in hair care products, but says now he is prepared spend again.

"I did, but it is coming back now and I'm sure I will be spending a few bucks again."