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+A to Z of Anthony Gardner

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

A is for ACTOR…If you were an actor, who would your leading lady be?
Kate Beckinsale, she was great in Pearl Harbour.

B is for BOREDOM…What do you take on a long journey to keep you occupied/amused?
My iPod and DVD player. I’ve got about 5,000 tracks on the iPod and I enjoy watching action movies and thrillers on the DVD player.

C is for CARTOONS…Who is your favourite cartoon character?
Foghorn Leghorn.

D is for DESTINATION…What is your favourite town/city and why?
London, it has got everything here that I want, except from my immediate family, but they are just a short journey away.

E is for ELECTRONIC…Are you a gadgets person and what is the most hi-tec piece of equipment you own?
Apart from the iPod and DVD player, my audio system at home is probably the most hi-tec thing that I own. It is a Bang & Olufsen system and has everything I need.

F is for FAMOUS…What’s the best/worst thing about being famous?
The best thing is probably the fact that what you do makes people happy. There are no real bad things, although a mild problem might be lack of privacy at times.

G is for GROUNDHOG…Which day would you like to repeat over and over again?
The day that my seven-month-old daughter Chloë was born, that was a special day.

H is for HARASS…What annoys you, or winds you up?
The congestion charge.

I is for ICON…Who is your all-time favourite sports person?
Michael Jordan. He was the pinnacle in sport and, at his peak, no one could get near him. The Chicago Bulls were not the best team, but he won games for them single-handed and drove the team on, winning six NBA championships in the Nineties.

J is for JACKET POTATO…What filling would you have in a jacket potato
Tuna and sweetcorn.

K is for KARAOKE…If you had to sing a song, which one would it be?
I sang on a karaoke with two friends on holiday in Majorca once, we got up and did New York, New York. I thought it would be easy, but I was sweating! That was my first time, and last, on the karaoke!

L is for LUCKY…Do you have a lucky charm or a superstition?
I tend to listen to the same songs when I travel to a match, whether it is in the car or on the iPod on the team coach, it helps me focus.

M is for MOVIES…What’s the last film you saw?
Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. It was very good.

N is for NERVOUS…What are you scared of?
Nothing that springs to mind.

O is for ORIENT EXPRESS…What’s the best journey you’ve ever been on?
My football career.

P is for PARANORMAL…Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost?
I have never seen one, and don’t wish to really, but I definitely believe that there is something out there.

Q is for QUICK…Who’s the quickest player you’ve ever played against?
Over a long distance, for sustained speed, the fastest player is probably Thierry Henry, but the quickest player over a short distance — for instant speed from a standing position — has to be Jermain Defoe.

R is for RECIPE…When did you last cook…and what did you cook?
I don’t cook a lot, because my girlfriend Becky does most of the cooking at home. The last time was three Sundays ago, and I cooked a roast leg of lamb, with Yorkshire puddings, boiled potatoes and vegetables.

S is for SOUNDS…What did you usually listen to in the car on the way in today?
A new hip-hop album call The Game, featuring artists like 50 Cent.

T is for TOMORROW…What do you always put off until tomorrow?
Parking and congestion charge fines!

U is for UNEXPECTED…What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?
My biggest surprise came on one normal afternoon in 2000, when my Manager at Port Vale called me in and said: ‘You are going to Tottenham’!

V is for VANILLA…What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
Cookies and Cream, Haagen Dazs.

W is for WITHOUT…Is there anything that you just can’t live without?
Material things, I couldn’t live without my mobile phone. In life, it has to be all my family, they are the ones who support me.

X is for XYLOPHONE…Have you ever played a musical instrument?
At school I played the recorder, flute and keyboards, but only because I had to. I’m not really that musical, although I could probably still play a few tunes on the keyboard if I tried.

Y is for YELLOW CARD…When did you last get a yellow card, and did you deserve it?
My last yellow card was in the Carling Cup quarter-final game at home to Liverpool, when I pulled down Florent Sinama-Pongolle, and it should have been a red! In the past, some decisions have gone against me, but that one was definitely in my favour.

Z is for ZOO…What’s your favourite animal at the zoo?