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More Cup final tales

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Another batch of your personal stories from great cup finals of the past.

I moved to New York in 1980 and promised myself that I would come home if Spurs got to a Cup Final. I promptly booked my trip in April 1981, for the Thursday to Tuesday covering Cup Final weekend, but didn't have a ticket. My Sister's local was running a raffle for 2 tickets and asked her to draw the winning ticket. She drew her own ticket, to loud jeers of 'fix!'. I had my ticket for the match. The draw threw all of my plans. I queued from early Sunday morning for replay tickets and had to postpone my return for a few days. But boy was it ever worth it!

Andy Capaloff - Lifelong Spurs fan, finally back living in London

My Dad used to work in North London in the late 60's and 70's, and knew the bloke in charge of policing for White Hart Lane at that time. So at the fragile age of 8 yrs old I was taken to my first footie game ever - the League Cup Final against Villa in 71! Two goals from the great Martin Chivers ensured my heart was devoted to the club from then on, and although I'll be watching on telly this time, I'll be as loud and enthusiastic as that magical day in 1971!

Mad Uncle Simes

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the 1999 cup final at Wembley. Ok, the game was not the best ever but when Allan Nielsen scored the winner all hell broke loose and I managed to jab the bloke next to me in the eye. So if you were at that game and some crazed maniac poked you in the eye 'sorry' I also managed to lose my car keys so had to walk home from the station when I got back to Woking. A great day nevertheless. Come on you Spurs!

Steve Rodgers

I could not get a ticket anywhere for the 1999 Final until I tried ticket agencies in London. I was told that they had hundreds to sell in the Leicester end but they would all be Spurs supporters around me. They lied! I arrived to find there were lots of gaps but only a few Spurs fans here & there.

I noticed that my blue waterproof outdoor coat was very similar to all the stewards so when I was questioned by some Leicester fans as to why I wasn't cheering for them I pretended that I was an off duty steward who had a day off and was trying to enjoy the game. Fortunately they accepted that so I was ok.

Can you imagine how I had to explode silently when we scored. The leicester fans immediately started to drift home so I was able to get to the other end soon after. I have a ticket in our end this time.

PS. Message to Blackburn Rovers - We are going to score 4 goals again so if you want to win you will need 5 (I don't think you will get them!). Come on you SPURS!!!!!!!

Paul Michael

Being a Norwegian Spurs supporter for 35 years the 1991 cup final v Nott'm Forest will always be specially remembered. Having tried all possible ways to get a ticket, I as a last chance phoned a Norwegian newspaper man who I knew was a close friend to a member of the Spurs staff. Against all odds I got confirmation of a ticket and flew to London on the Saturday morning and went straight to the Royal Lancaster hotel to pick up my ticket.

After three attempts I reached the reception area and told the receptionist that I had an appointment with Mr X. I phoned his room and was allowed to take the lift to the top floor where the Spurs team where staying. After I had collected my ticket I was allowed into the leisure centre of the hotel where I met the whole Spurs team collecting autographs and taking pictures. Imagine with only three hours to kick-off!!!!! As if that wasn't enough I met the 1966 team who had a 25 years anniversary meeting at the same hotel. The final of course was the icing of the cake but I will always remember "the warm up" to the match.

Jan Otrebski

One of the greatest days of my life, the 1991 FA Cup Final. Having suffered their victories in the 1987 Littlewoods Cup and unfortunately that night at Anfield in 1989, this was the first time in my supporting life I could crow at them. A wonderful team performance after Gazza went off, Paul Stewart's equaliser and thinking Mabbutt had scored the winner only to read on a billboard at Seven Sisters after the game that it was a Walker own-goal are especially fond memories, but not as memorable as being told that night by my friend Stu when I finally got back to Southend, via the Lane and slightly worse for wear (due to a 2 quid bottle of Thunderbirds on the train back from Fenchurch St), that I had been spotted on BBC 1 after the final whistle as we applauded the boys round the pitch with my baggy, yellow Hummel sweat shirt topped off by what is now referred to as the Dickie-Afro, a disgrace of a hair-cut which put even Alun Sunderland's from the 1979 FA Cup Final to shame. At least it didn't have a big chunk of grey fluff in it (check out his celebration after they score the winner in the last minute). AJAX HERE WE COME!


I was at Wembley for the Spurs v Liverpool Milk Cup Final back in 1982 and after Steve Archibald scored it was an awful feeling waiting the whole game for the seemingly unbeatable Liverpool to equalise and then go on to win.

When we went to see Glenn and the Boys beat QPR a couple of months later it made up for all the earlier pain! There were about ten of us who went to all the games back then when I was 14 and as I am living abroad now, I still speak to a couple of them and they're looking forward to Sunday as much as me. I'll be looking for a television somewhere that is showing the game!

One of our Spurs mates sadly died about 5 years ago but if he's looking down on Cardiff this weekend, hopefully he'll see a Spurs win. He would be well chuffed!!

Antony Barrington

I was only seven years old and I remember my dad managing to lay his hands on tickets for the 1981 F.A. Cup final replay. Unfortunately me and my dads' mates all had seating tickets but my dad had to stand on his own on the terraces behind the goal in which Ricky Villa scored the best goal wembley has ever seen. Because I was so small at the time I didn't get to see the goal due to everyone standing up in front of me.

The memory that will stay with me forever though, is when all of the fans started to make their way home. I was on top of one of my dads' mates shoulders and remember looking out over wembley way on a beautiful balmy summers evening and seeing this banner which proclaimed 'we've got Hoddle, youve got sod all' - Brilliant!!! Come on you spurs!!!

James Garrett