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Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Tottenham are proud to present our community partnership programme, Football In The Community (FITC).

With many schools and local sports venues, including the heart of Spurs, White Hart Lane, our joint aim is to build and develop local children to attain higher levels of skill, teamwork and community spirit through learning, training and working at bettering their footballing skills. Our staff, training courses and skill classes are of the highest standard, teaching children the fundementals found at the highest level - teamwork, leadership and excellence.
Please select one or more from the list of venues below to find out venue details and course dates available in your area:
Bishops Stortford Boys School
Braintree Leisure Centre
Bramston Sports Centre
Brentwood Centre
Broxbourne Sports Club
Chigwell School
Compton Sports Centre
Cranbourne Primary School
Friends' School
Great Dunmow Leisure Centre
Hertswood School
Hylands School
Ilford County High
Maldon Astro Turf
Marlbrough School
Metropolitan Police Sports Ground
Mount Grace School
Old Chigwellians Sports Club
Passmores Comprehensive School
Redbridge Sports Centre
Roding Valley High School
Saffron Walden County High
Simon Balle Scool
St Catherines School
Town Mead Sports & Social Club
Walker Cricket Ground
White Hart Lane
Wodson Park Sports Centre
<map id="Map" name="Map"><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="brentwood centre" coords="295,203,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-2" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="cranbourne primary school" coords="146,176,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-32" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="passmores comprehensive school" coords="240,160,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-13" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="great dunmow leisure centre" coords="321,115,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-33" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="roding valley high school" coords="218,194,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-14" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="redbridge sports centre" coords="234,252,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-30" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="metropolitan police grounds" coords="210,217,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-10" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="chigwell school" coords="233,228,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-5" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="broxbourne sports centre" coords="213,164,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-3" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="bramston sports centre" coords="392,124,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-31" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="braintree leisure centre" coords="383,81,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-29" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="maldon astro turf" coords="406,154,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-25" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="town mead sports and social club" coords="194,181,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-27" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="hertswood school" coords="119,189,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-23" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="marlbrough school" coords="105,162,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-9" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="hylands school" coords="350,155,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-24" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="wodson park sports centre" coords="175,137,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-21" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="bishop's stortford boys school" coords="296,118,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-1" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="saffron walden county high school" coords="143,218,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-15" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="walker cricket ground" coords="158,197,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-20" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="simon balle school" coords="203,140,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-17" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="ilford county high" coords="210,242,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-8" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="old chigwellians sports club" coords="238,205,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-12" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="compton sports centre" coords="169,219,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-7" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="white hart lane (inddor facility)" coords="190,205,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-28" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="st catherines school" coords="227,134,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-18" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="mount grace school" coords="170,175,11" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-11" /><area shape="CIRCLE" alt="friends' school" coords="278,65,12" href="/fitc/xt_fitc.asp?venId=ven-22" /></map>