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Les: more of your questions

English Barclays Premiership

Les Ferdinand continues to answer the questions you, the fans, have sent us by email.
And find out what he had to say in the first part.

From Michael Lovett: What are the ambitions for the club this season?

LF: "To finish higher than last season and to improve our showing in the cups. We want to be serious contenders and want people to be talking about us in that way. We have to set our standards higher."

William Telford, Darren, Steve: Have you thought about what you will do when you retire? Will you stay in football, perhaps as a coach or manager?

LF: "I think I would like to start off as a coach. If I did decide to stay in football - and I haven't decided yet - then that appeals. Some of the coaching methods in this country need a revamp. I like the sound of what David Platt did, to travel around different countries, picking up ideas and watch how they coach the game and then return in a coaching role and be able to put those ideas into action."

From Andy Hall, Newcastle: How does it feel to watch England in Euro2000 and not be involved? Is it true when you were at Newcastle that Tino locked you and Foxy in the toilet at half-time?

LF: "I actually went out to Belgium to watch England against Germany. I was lucky enough to sit with the players' families and when the players came out, I certainly felt a reaction inside. I was thinking a couple of years earlier, that was me, walking out, feeling the atmosphere. Yes, I felt something. "As for being locked in the toilets, yes, it's true that we were locked in but we don't know how it happened. We were in there talking when all of a sudden it went quiet. The door had been locked and we couldn't get out! And they actually started the second half without us!"

From Dan Barclay: Who is the most difficult defender you have played against?

LF: "Funnily enough, it was a lad who played for Bulgaria and I can't remember his name! Domestically, it has to be Tony Adams and Sol Campbell."

From Bhuma Revi: Do you regret leaving Newcastle?

LF: "I've been asked that question a few times and I sometimes look at the injuries I've had an think 'what if' but I don't regret at thing. These injuries could have happened at Newcastle. It hasn't gone according to plan for me at Spurs, but I have no regrets."

From David: Do you think it will be long before Tottenham can compete with the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea?

LF: "I all depends on how long it takes the manager to get the players he needs. If he gets all of those players, keeps the rest and starts rotating the squad, you never know. Saying that, rotating sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. It has worked for United and Arsenal but not necessarily at Chelsea. If we get the players, hopefully we can challenge those teams soon."

From Daniel: I'm 14 and have just torn my cruciate ligaments. Has that ever happened to you and how will it affect me afterwards?

LF: "I had a few serious injuries but thankfully, touch wood, I've never torn a cruciate. I'd say at 14, take your time and dedicate yourself to getting 100 per cent fit again. My advice would simply be to make sure it is totally right before coming back."

And finally& from Steve Moody: Who is the laziest player in training? Are the Norwegians really the worst dressers and I've read in Spurs Monthly that Darren Anderton thinks you are the best dresser. Is that true?

LF: "Neale Fenn is the laziest trainer, the Norwegians are definitely the worst dressers and me the best dresser? I wouldn't like to blow my own trumpet!"

Photographs courtesy of Action Images Ltd.
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