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All the action from Saturday's 4-0 win against Derby County at the Lane.

All the action from Saturday's 4-0 win against Derby County at the Lane.


Young-Pyo Lee returned from injury and started at left-back with Ricardo Rocha partnering Anthony Gardner. Wayne Routledge made his first start since West Brom away on December 28, 2005 and played wide right. Tom Huddlestone also started in midfield with Robbie Keane and Darren Bent up front. Adel Taarabt was amongst the substitutes.


Full-time: Spurs 4, Derby County 0

Added time: Zokora went for one-two with Malbranque, would have been through on goal, return pass cut out.

Added time: 4mins

88.43: Defoe and Malbranque worked enough space for a shot, Malbranque's effort deflected for corner. First corner cleared for another corner, second corner cleared again for a third corner, Gardner went for diving header, ball cleared.

87.17: Taarabt into Defoe, he spun away from Leacock, carried ball forward and went for lob, couple of yards too high.

86.32: Fagan cross too deep for Howard, cleared by Jenas.

83.50: Jenas fouled Griffin, Teale's free-kick header clear by Huddlestone.

83.18: Rocha diving header to clear Teale's cross.

80mins: SUB - SPURS. Zokora for Chimbonda.

79.45: GOAL - SPURS. Huddlestone clipped in free-kick to far post where Chimbonda won header, ball dipping under crossbar, Bywater tipped it onto the bar leaving Bent and Defoe to fight for the rebound - Bent nodded home.
Spurs 4, Derby 0

78.27: YELLOW CARD - DERBY. Fagan for foul on Taarabt.

77.30: Taarabt cutback from bylien fell just between Bent and Malbranque.

75.55: SUB - SPURS. Defoe for Keane.

75.32: CLOSE - SPURS. Huddlestone pass perfect for Keane to hook ball over Bywater, effort landed a yard wide.

74.28: Defoe ready to come on.

73.01: Taarabt beat three players this time before slicing wide from 20 yards.

72.51: Good defending from Rocha to tidy up Derby attack.

72.25: CLOSE - SPURS. Taarabt twisted and turned, beat Griffin, hammered a yard over from edge of box.

71.04: SUB - SPURS. Taarabt for Routledge.

70.25: SAVE - ROBINSON. Derby's best spell of possession, kept ball a long time, ball eventually worked to Teale, rigth corner of box, fierce drive tipped over by Robinson.

68.23: Taarabt ready to come on.

67.50: SAVE - BYWATER. Bent into Keane, edge of box, 20 yards out, Malbranque's run took Griffin away and Keane aimed curler into top corner taken at full stretch by Bywater.

67.02: Good defending from Chimbonda, cool head from Teale's cross,

65.20: Robinson cleared with feet again from Earnshaw inside box.

64.54: Jenas broke from deep, fed wide to Malbranque, cross too deep again.

63.20: Attendance just in - 35,600.

60.50: Lee progress down the left, tricks, cross too deep.

60.19: YELLOW CARD - DERBY. Moore for foul on Bent.

59.23: Derby build up, progress into right side of box, Teale cross headed clear by Lee.

57.13: Bent did well to get in front of Leacock to meet Routledge's free-kick, couldn't keep header on target.

56.55:YELLOW CARD - DERBY. Howard for foul on Huddlestone.

54.55: Routledge turned inside McEveley, fouled, Jenas floated free-kick taken by Bywater.

53.59: Derby build-up wasted as McEveley's cross flew into Paxton Road.

53.47: Jenas clipped in free-kick looking for Chmbonda at far post, he won it but ball went straight to Bywater.

50.50: YELLOW CARD - DERBY. Griffin for foul on Malbranque.

47.22: Keane in space 25 yards out, central, blasted wide.

46.15: Routledge early progress down right and won corner, corner taken short and cleared.


Half-time: SUB - DERBY. Teale for Todd.

Teams on their way out.

Half-time: Spurs 3, Derby County 0

Added time: SAVE - BYWATER. Routledge into Keane, 22 yards out, instant shot saved to his left by Bywater.

Added time: 2mins

43.33: SAVE - BYWATER. Keane into the box, beat Moore, McEveley got back as he was about to shoot and Bywater made fine save with his legs.

42.15: CLOSE - SPURS. Keane on the ball again, fed wide to Bent, got it back, curler into side-netting.

41.18: PENALTY - SPURS? Looked blatant. Huddlestone wonderful chip into path of Keane, left side of box, he lifted cross to far post where Bent instantly turned McEveley and appeared to be brought down with only keeper, appeals waved away.

39.02: CHANCE - SPURS. Huddlestone won crunching 50-50 with Griffin, left edge of box, ball ran kindly to Keane who went for instant curler, got too much on it and ball drifted a yard wide.

37.14: CHANCE - SPURS. Malbranque onto Jenas pass, beat Moore in his turn, cross cut out by Leacock.

36.22: SAVE - ROBINSON. Huddlestone sliced clear for corner, Oakley delivery met by Howard, Robinson diving catch to his left.

35.04: CLOSE - SPURS. Malbranque and Keane set up Jenas for curler from 20 yards, effort inches wide.

34.34: Derby worked free-kick wide to Fagan, decent cross from right gathered by Robinson.

32.30: SUB - DERBY. Griffin for Mears.

31.01: GOAL DISALLOWED - SPURS. Close call - Bent down the left, again picked out his man in Keane who didn't get hold of shot, that effort went straight to Routledge who tapped in, looked onside in replays.

29.39: Keane clever pass aiming for Routledge run from deep, Bywater slid out to gather.

28.39: Jenas broke up play in midfield and burst forward again, one-two with Keane on edge of box, beat Leacock, Moore over to clear for corner. Gardner almost met corner, ball cleared.

25.55: Jenas and Huddlestone combined to send Bent down right channel, cross aiming for Huddlestone at near post cleared for corner by Leacock. Jenas corner cleared for another corner. Second one met by Bent, header deflected wide. Third one half-cleared to Routledge, shot blocked.

25mins: Movement on Derby bench, subs warming up.

22.45: Lee fine defending to rob Fagan and set us on attack, Huddlestone skills to beat Mears, cross taken by Bywater.

21.40: Gardner again penalised against Howard. Todd's free-kick cleared by Rocha, then Gardner, Earnshaw than flagged offside.

19.30: Patient build-up, Malbranque wide to Routedge, he fed back to Chimbonda whose cross was just too high for Bent.

Finally a moment to telly ou how we're lining up! Lee back at left-back, Rocha and Gardner central, Malbranque on the left, Huddlestone slightly deeper of Jenas centrally and Routledge on the right. Derby 4-4-2 with Howard and Earnshaw up front.

16.69: Gardner fighting it out with Howard, a key battle, Gardner punished for climbing. Robinson out to gather free-kick.

13.13: GOAL - SPURS. Jenas broke through centrally, rode challenge of McEveley, who tried to bring him down, kept his feet and rolled ball into the goal off the post.
Spurs 3, Derby 0

11.45: Huddlestone first sight of goal, 25-yarder always rising.

10.58: Jenas turned well in midfield and picked out supporting run of Chimbonda wide, Pearson did well to clear.

10.09: Howard rose well but could only glance corner wide.

9.35: Derby attack down the right, Pearson fine cross from touchline, Gardner had to watch all the way to clear, ball went out to Todd whose shot deflected for corner.

7.01: SAVE - ROBINSON. Warning as speedy Earnshaw looked to get onto pass between Gardner and Rocha, Robinson took no prisoners in sliding out to clear with feet.

5.13: GOAL - SPURS. Chimbonda broke up the right, played into Bent, right side of box, he picked out Malbranque on the edge of the box, fine curling finish into bottom corner.
Spurs 2, Derby 0

4.41: Keane pass looking for breaking Malbranque, Mears tidied up.

4.20: Bent again looking for that pass over the top, Bywater gathered this time.

2.10: Bent looking for ball over the top, Derby did well to clear.

1.13: GOAL - SPURS. Jenas took free-kick short to Malbranque, he controlled, shifted onto right foot and struck low shot into corner from 20 yards. Perfect start.
Spurs 1, Derby 0

33seconds: Routledge turned Todd, fouled.

10seconds: Brave early header from Gardner as Howards cae charging in, free-kick awarded.


2.58pm: Skippers Robbie Keane and Matt Oakley to centre for toss, teams actually switch around! We kick-off and are attacking Paxton Road.

2.56pm: Teams out.

2.55pm: Substitutes on both sides take their place on the bench joined by our injured players Ledley King, Younes Kaboul, Teemu Tainio, Michael Dawson and Aaron Lennon.

2.49pm: Our lads back in dressing room.

2.44pm: Derby players on their way back in.

2.28pm: Derby line-up now in, see below.

2.23pm: Our lads out to warm up.

2.15pm: Derby out to warm up.

2.10pm: Our keepers now out.

2pm: Welcome to White Hart Lane! A warm day but overcast, the Derby keepers have just come out to warm up. Robbo, Radek and Hans won't be far behind.


Spurs: Robinson, Chimbonda (Zokora, 80), Lee, Gardner, Rocha, Malbranque, Jenas, Huddlestone, Routledge (Taarabt, 72), Keane (Defoe, 76), Bent. Subs: Cerny, Stalteri.

Derby County: Bywater, McEveley, Leacock, Moore, Mears (Griffin, 33), Pearson, Fagan, Todd (Teale, 46), Oakley, Howard, Earnshaw. Subs: Price, Jones, Feilhaber.


Referee: Mr C Foy. Assistants: Mr M Scholes, Mr A Watts. Fourth official: Mr P Melin.