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It's down to us

Head Coach Juande Ramos spoke exclusively to us at Spurs Lodge on Monday...

Head Coach Juande Ramos spoke exclusively to us at Spurs Lodge on Monday...

What is your opinion on our start to the season and the position we find ourselves in?
Juande Ramos: "We had such a good pre-season, we played well, we were confident but now we've started the season with disappointing scorelines and it's a situation we need to change quickly."

How do you feel when people tell you it is the worst start Spurs have made for 53 years?
JR: "I don't like it and we have to work hard to change the situation and myself, the coaches and the players are prepared to do that."

What is being done to change the situation?
JR: "It's only possible if we work very hard, have confidence in our ability and the team is together. This is the principal way to change the situation."

Given the position we find ourselves in, what is your message to the supporters?
JR: "At this difficult time we have to be positive and optimistic. I know it's difficult, but this is when the team needs the supporters. Conversely, when we're winning three or four-nil, we don't need the support as much. We have young players but players with quality and I have every confidence in the team. However, they are young, the pressure is on and it's possible the confidence is low. I'm sure when we win two or three matches that situation will change."

What was the mood in the dressing like after the match yesterday?

First, they were sad and logically they were angry as well. They are waiting to win. On the coach on the way home they started to think about the next match, Wisla Krakow in the UEFA Cup on Thursday. We need to win that game, we need to get through to the next round and I think we will see the best of the players.

What is the atmosphere at the club like at the moment?
JR: "At this moment everyone wants to help but only the professionals on the pitch can do it. All the people want to help but I repeat, only the players and management can change this situation."

Do you understand the frustrations of the supporters?
JR: "Of course - it's the same for us. I can promise everyone we are doing everything to change this situation. In football, sometimes things are difficult to explain but I'm sure we'll have fantastic support from the fans and the rest we have to do on the pitch."

You chose not to play your most attacking formation against Portsmouth, why was this?
JR: "The match was very even and the penalty against us changed the situation. In the second half a similar incident arrived and it was a possible penalty and then it was possible to draw. It's difficult. The confidence is down and we need to play with nil goals against. We are having problems scoring goals and therefore we need that security."

You have changed your formation from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 recently- is this your preferred formation with this team or are you still trying to settle into something you are happy with?

JR: "I prefer 4-4-2 but as I have explained before, it's possible to change. I prefer 4-4-2 but sometimes you have to look at the situation. It's always the same though. If the team is losing then people say ‘he's not changing players, how is that possible, if you are losing then change the players'. It is always about results, that is always most important."

What is your reasoning behind rotating the players for every match? Does this destabilise the squad?
JR: "Pavlyuchenko and Corluka can't play in Europe, Ledley King can't play in every match, Gareth Bale is injured, we have small injuries each week and I need to change three or four players every match. It's impossible to play the same players if you play every three days. We need to find the solutions. If we were winning, people would say 'perfect, he's using the squad'."

So the message is ‘stick together'.
JR: "As this moment it's the most important thing - the fans need to understand that the first people who want to change the situation are the players, the management and all the people in the club. This is when we all need to work together. It's a difficult time and we all hope to change the situation."