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Important message for all fans ahead of West Ham

04 October 2013|Tottenham Hotspur

Once again the Club would like to thank all supporters who attended last weekend's Premier League match against Chelsea for their positive behaviour and for generating such a fantastic atmosphere.

Following discussions with the Metropolitan Police ahead of this weekend's match against West Ham, please be advised that the police will, once again, be adopting a  zero tolerance stance towards any form of abusive or offensive behaviour or chanting. In particular they will be monitoring for anti-Semitic abuse.

The Police have also advised us that they will be monitoring closely for the use of any terms which are offensive and/or may be considered offensive by others and will, if necessary, take action against those individuals. A statement issued by the Police makes it clear that this includes the use of the Y-word. We should, therefore, like to ask all fans to be mindful of their use of this term.

Please help to make it a positive match day experience that can be enjoyed by all.


A reminder to all fans, both home and away, that foul, abusive, homophobic or racist language will not be tolerated at White Hart Lane.

The Club does not condone discrimination of any sort, on the pitch or in the stands, and our stewards shall take action against anyone heard using abusive, offensive or obscene language.

Should you experience anyone using language of this nature please report this to the Club by texting the Control Room on the following number:

07537 404821

You do not have to put up with mindless supporters who are intent on ruining your experience with us, so use the system, report the individuals and let us take it from there. We will treat your correspondence in strictest confidence.

For our staff, it is better to monitor the problem as it is happening as we can view the area of concern on CCTV and deal with everything quickly.

The Texting Service has been used to good effect in enabling us to ban people for committing offences on matchdays in the past.

Once again, we call upon our fans to behave in a manner which does not bring the Club into disrepute and of which we can be proud.

We have a fantastic atmosphere at the Lane and we hope everyone continues to focus their energies on cheering the team on.