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Huazhong Spurs' fan-tastic journey

23 January 2015|Tottenham Hotspur

Members of our Huazhong Official Supporters Club in China spent Christmas and New Year in England - here is the diary of member Harper Jun.

The members took in four matches and were at the Lane to watch our memorable 5-3 win against Chelsea on New Year's Day.

It was an incredible journey for Huazhong Spurs and Harper, as she details below...

December 17
At local time 7pm, we arrived at Heathrow Airport. It was my first time travelling in Europe. I was quite excited to see a different style of life and buildings. We arrived at the hotel as soon as possible, trying to find some way to watch the match against Newcastle. Spurs beat Newcastle by four goals. Amazing and happy. Due to the excitement by the great win and time lag, we didn't fall asleep until 3am!

December 18
Due to the tiredness caused by long journey and late sleep, we got up at about 10am. After dealing with some trivial matters, we went to see some stadiums in London, such as Stamford Bridge, Craven Cottage, and Loftus Load. Finally, we arrived at White Hart Lane and settled in a small hostel nearby. After that, we went shopping in the Spurs Shop.

December 19
We can’t wait to see the Spurs players. We got up early and went to Enfield by train. The first player going out is Eric Dier, who is quite friendly and agreed to take photos with me. After that, we met Harry Kane, I remembered to give him the small present and said 'good luck for tomorrow’s match'. Kyle Walker is also one of my favourite players and I gave a small present to him. Surprisingly, he said 'XieXie' to me, which means 'thanks'. Wow! The players are friendly. What a meaningful day it is. To celebrate, we went to China Town near Oxford Street to enjoy a delicious meal for dinner.

December 20
Finally, our first match. We were taken down to the tunnel and saw many photos of legends in the club and got a better knowledge of Spurs history. Wow, the pitch of WHL was so nice and beautiful. This was the first time for me at WHL, I just couldn't hide the excitement! The home fans are passionate and happy. It was Kane, again, he scored our opening goal at this match and Lamela scored his first goal in the Premier League this season. We just cannot be happier.


December 21
We went to British Museum and in the evening, we went to Imperial College, to see one of the best universities in the UK.

December 22
In the morning, I went to 221B Baker Street, which is the London address of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. In the afternoon, I went to Madame Tussauds.

December 23
I went to see some places of interest and historic buildings, such as The London Bridge Experience and Tombs, HMS Belfast, Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition as well as City Cruises. Sightseeing at these places help me understand the different culture between East and West.

Christmas Eve
I went to Windsor Castle to see the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is also an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen. I was impressed by its collection of treasures. It's a good way to learn about British Royalty.

Christmas Day
I had the idea of going to Hotspur Way again. One of our fans said to me, 'don’t be kidding, there is no public transportation at Christmas! How can you go there? Let’s just stay at the hotel'. Stay at the hotel? I didn't want to waste any time. After checking the map, I thought 'it’s only 24 kilometers, about five hours walking' so I decided to walk. I just like to challenge myself. I got up at 5am, left at 6am and leading by Google Map, I just walked and walked. Thinking I could meet the players again just filled up my energy. After about three hours walk, I arrived at WHL, about half of the journey is completed. Finally, at about 11am, I arrived at Hotspur Way. We said 'good luck' to each player for next day’s match. It is the most meaningful Christmas Day I have ever experienced, and it is the first time I walked nearly 50 kilometers! Even after I returned to normal work, I miss this day a lot. I’m not sure whether I’m able to walk that long again, but if I was told I’m able to see the players, I’d surely like to have a try again.

Boxing Day
We went to King Power Stadium by coach. We stood up and sung during the whole match. It was Kane and Eriksen again. The familiar Spurs and the familiar final-hit. We were quite happy to take three points and see it as a present for us on Boxing Day.

December 27
I went to Cambridge to visit University of Cambridge. I visited some famous colleges such as Clare College, King’s College and Trinity Hall.

December 28
Manchester United, the biggest match we're going to see. The match turned out to be quite fierce. Both sides created many chances, MU in the first half and Spurs in the second half. However, due to both goalkeepers' excellent performances, both sides were not able to score.

December 29
After meeting Tom Carroll during the Asia Cup, I became his number one fan. Therefore, I decided to watch Swansea's match at Liverpool. I went sightseeing around Albert Dock and went to the Beatles Museum. I went to the Hilton Hotel to see Swansea's players getting on the coach. Tom gave me a thumbs-up. Tom was an unused substitute but it was nice to see Gylfi Sigurdsson score for Swansea.


December 30
Returning to London from Liverpool, I visited the Science Museum and Natural History Museum.

New Year's Eve
In the morning, we went to Oxford to see another famous university. Oxford is a small city, quiet and peaceful. In the evening, we returned back to London to watch the fireworks.

New Year's Day
Chelsea is the last match we’re supposed to watch during this journey. It is the most exciting match that I have ever seen, I was so lucky to be at the stadium, enjoying such happiness with Spurs fans. I was lucky that four matches we watched on site, Spurs won 10 points with three wins and one draw.

January 2
I went to Swansea to try and meet Tom Caroll again, this time to try to get a photo. However, they had travelled to Liverpool (Swansea played Tranmere in the FA Cup). I did not regret it because at least I have made an effort.

January 3
I, with two of our members, went to see the most beautiful beach in Europe - Rhossili Beach. As soon as I got off the bus, I was shocked. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Blue sky, white clouds, green grassland and most importantly, clear sea. Growing up in a big and modern city in Huazhong, I have never such beautiful nature. In my mind, such beautiful scene only exists in picture. I cannot help taking photos.

January 4
Realising it was the last whole day in London, I felt a little sad. In the morning, I visited White Hart Lane again. It is Sunday but not matchday, WHL is quiet and peaceful. Hanging around it, I find it hard to say goodbye. I don’t know when I will travel to London again. In the afternoon, I went shopping at the Spurs Shop and bought a lot of souvenirs. The items are so lovely, and the Spurs logo makes me comfortable.

January 5
Having to take the airplane in the evening, we just went several hours’ shopping in Oxford Street and arrive at the airport early. It is hard to leave because there are many good memories. The exciting matches, the good time at Hotspur Way, the meaningful sightseeing and beautiful views. Thanks a lot for Spurs official to give our Huazhong Supporters Club such a great chance to watch Spurs matches. Thanks a lot to the Spurs manager, coach and players for such good performance to make our journey perfect.