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Global support!

Over the past few days we have had a fantastic response from fans across the globe after we asked you to send in your pictures and stories from those unforgettable three wins in eight days.

Over the past few days we have had a fantastic response from fans across the globe after we asked you to send in your pictures and stories from those unforgettable three wins in eight days.

We’ve been amazed at the lengths supporters on the other side of the world have gone to to see their beloved Spurs in action in the small hours.

It’s also great to know the strong network of Spurs supporters clubs throughout the regions is continuing to give our fans the chance to come together and watch games no matter where they are in the world.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all those fans who e-mailed in.

Scroll through the pictures above to see a selection of the photos…

1 / 2. IndoSpurs supporters’ club at the Pisa Kafe, Tebet, South Jakarta, for the North London derby. Sent in by Flaming Iksander, founder member.

3 / 4. Michael Abrahams and the Cape Town Supporters’ Club watching the Liverpool game.

5. The Brisbane Branch of Spurs Australia celebrating the win against Arsenal at the Pig n Whistle in Brisbane City. Sent in by Duncan Anson.

6. Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Sweden at the Restaurant Retro in Stockholm, Sweden, for the Arsenal game. Sent in by Jonas Pettersson

7. Mark Clews and daughter Chloe (see story below) in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, after the Liverpool game.

8. Peter Doran outside the Notre Dame Cathedral having watched the Liverpool game during a weekend trip to Paris.

9. Cloudio Brown and friends at the Groun Café in Lansdowne, Cape Town.

And here are some of the stories you sent in from those memorable eight days…

“Wow wow wow, what a week to be a Spurs fan! I moved to Orange County, California in August 2009 which due to the time difference means the games are on between 4.45am and 9am at the weekends and around noon for the weeknight games. For the majority of the games (15:00 kickoffs) I usually drive up to LA to meet with the LA Spurs Supporters Club. However, the North London Derby was on at 4.45am so I decided to stay local and have a party . We met at around 4am for beers and breakfast burritos and was pumped to watch the first half. Needless to say, we were feeling pretty down at half time, but Harry has instilled real grit into this Spurs team and the second half was unbelievable, when our third goal went in the house erupted, leading to my friends wife to shout downstairs that 'we sounded like a bunch of girls', she was not pleased as it was still only 6.30am! Happy days. For the Champions League match it was a Wednesday evening game which is a far more sensible time to watch over here, that one kicked off at 11.45am. I took the afternoon off work and met with a few friends at the Auld Dubliner pub in Irvine, California. After the game we went on a pub crawl and entertained the locals with our Spurs chants - I think we may have converted some more locals from American Football to Proper Football after that. The day after the Champions League game was Thanksgiving in the States so I had to fly to my in-laws in Salt Lake City, Utah. The snow had been coming down pretty heavily the night before the Liverpool game and when I awoke and sat down with Chloe (my 6 month old daughter who loves watching Spurs with me), switched on to Fox Soccer Channel I discovered that the snow storm had knocked out the Satellite TV! Not to worry I thought, I could still watch it on my Slingbox via the internet, but that was down too!! I woke my father in-law in a panic and he shrugged his shoulders and replied, 'oh that happens sometimes when you live in the mountains'...I don't think he quite appreciated what it means to be a Spurs fan, I bit my tongue. I was pacing around the living room, stressing out about how I was going to keep tabs on the score when I had an idea, I had the Tottenham Hotspur iPhone App and it streamed live Audio via 3G, result! So even though I was snowed in and disconnected from society, I was able to listen to the commentary and it out worked really well. Needless to say I was running around like an idiot when Defoe's goal went in (and then was ruled offside) and went totally crazy when Azza scored the winner at the end, much to the bemusement of my 6 month old. So in just over a week I watched the 3 games in 2 different States, but in each State after every match, I ended up in a right old state!”

Mark Clews, 28, Orange County, California, USA

“I have been a Spurs fan for over 30 years (age 62 now) when living in Hong Kong/USA/Canada (now in Shanghai), but had never visited White Hart Lane before. My wife and I finally took the trip to London 19-29/Nov to particularly watch the 3 games against Arsenal, W. Bremen & Liverpool & needless to say, this was the best trip we've ever had. Winning all 3 had everything to do with it! We watched the Liverpool game at WHL & everything went beyond our expectation. We are now back in Shanghai & celebrated this great trip with a "hairy crab" dinner (the best food in the world,IMO) & more than 10 bottles of "yellow wine" with 7 friends in my Spurs overcoat. I would love to start a Spurs Fan Club here in Shanghai.”

Lawrence Ma, 62, Shanghai, China

“My wife was expecting our second child on the 23rd November so it meant my parents came over to Qatar to help us out. This meant my father and I (both lifelong Spurs fans) got to watch Spurs beat Arsenal away for the first time in 17 years together, at my home. My wife then went into labour on the day of our champions league match! After a 5 hour labour we had another lovely son called Zack. My wife needed some rest so I went home and saw Spurs go into the last 16 of the Champions League with an easy win to top off a great day! The week had been so perfect, it was obvious we were going to win against Liverpool to finish it all off. So a perfect 8 days in Qatar.”

Mark Lerpiniere, 31, Qatar

“I normally watch the games in the local Spurs pub here. But having watched the Arsenal and Werder games at home with my family, we felt it would be good luck to continue watching from the home living room, not wanting to feel responsible for a change in the Club's fortunes. The game's events took place, and whilst I am always optimistic about our side's chances, never could I have had imagined when the board went up indicating 5 minutes of stoppage time to be added on, that little Azza would pop up with the winner! When he did, I went bizzerk! I ran towards wherever there was open space, this being my kitchen, unaware of surroundings. The floor however requires careful trepidation due to its slippery surface, and I went flying accross the air, slamming into the cupboard. I'm quite a big lad, over 6 ft 1", so the poor wooden cupboard broke in half. The wood wasn't the only broken item, as I dislocated my shoulder in the celebration. I also took out the metal dustbin with my head, slightly cutting my forehead! And my reaction to all this was ‘Come On You Spurs get in there!!’ My arm is now in a sling of course, but it was well worth it! And the cherry on the cake was, the doctor in the hospital was a Liverpool fan!”

Dimitris Lochias, Limassol, Cyprus