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Dragons' den

Our young Welsh stars and room-mates Chris Gunter and Gareth Bale give us an inside view on life at our training camp in Spain.

Our young Welsh stars and room-mates Chris Gunter and Gareth Bale give us an inside view on life at our training camp in Spain.

The pair are wearing our new away shirt for 2008-09 - our away kit is now available - CLICK HERE...

How has pre-season gone so far?
Chris Gunter: "It's been tough but at the same time you know you will get the rewards. Tough, but quite enjoyable."

Gareth Bale: "It's particularly important for me because I've just come back from a long-term injury. I want to build my fitness up again and get back to the level I was at before my injury."

What are you like together as room-mates?
CG: "He moans all the time. He moans about the air conditioning, that it's too cold, but it's good to room with someone you know. It's a help, I suppose."

GB: "He loves reading (bursts out laughing) and loves moaning as well. He says it's too hot when it's freezing because of the air conditioning. He loves to sleep as well, he sleeps all day long!"

Do either of you snore?
CG: "Not really, we're okay on that front. He's always on the internet anyway - I would be as well, but my laptop's not working!"

GB: "He's always asleep! I'm up hours after he's asleep. He keeps himself quiet - he better keep it that way!"

How important is it for the squad to get together like this in pre-season?
CG: "In previous years on pre-season trips with Cardiff it's always been a time when I've got to know the new players. This time it's important for me on that front as well because I only came to the club in January. It creates a better team spirit and if you are in a hotel together for 15 days, it will build up camaraderie.

GB: "It's important to get to know everyone, their strengths and weaknesses, to grow as a team and then take that into the games."

You've not played for a couple of months - how quickly to you get back into the football side of things?
GB: "I haven't played for longer than that! You don't lose everything but you need to get your timing back - first touch, shooting, passing. It's all about getting ready for the start of the season."

CG: "It takes a couple of games and then you'll be back to where you were. You do the running and feel fit, but then running in a game situation is different, match fitness. You have to get used to being back on the ball and that's what pre-season is all about."

Finally, we're out here for a couple of weeks in total - anything you miss from back home?
CG: "Yes, the internet. (Cue more laughter from Gareth). It's good to get away and train in the sun but you do miss your home comforts, especially your own bed."

GB: "Just normal life. You need to get away to get fit though and football and fitness is the main priority for everyone out here. We're all knuckling down and it's hard work."

Gunter and Bale

Bale and Gunter