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Daws QA special with OzSpurs

26 January 2014|Tottenham Hotspur

Happy Australia Day to our many fans Down Under!

To mark the day, skipper Michael Dawson sat down for a special Question and Answer session with our Australian Supporters Club, OzSpurs.

OzSpurs: Aside from White Hart Lane, what is your favourite stadium?
Daws: “Probably Anfield. I made my Spurs debut there and it’s a great place to play football.”

OzSpurs: Tim has opted in the main for a 4-4-2 system – has there been a big tactical change?
Daws: “Most of the players have played that way throughout their careers. As players, we go out on the training pitch and prepare for the next match. We know how to play all formations.”

OzSpurs: Who is the best forward you’ve ever come up against?
Daws: “We were speaking about this the other day. Ade, when he was at Arsenal, he caused all types or problems. Rooney, van Persie, Aguero, Negredo, there are so many in the Premier League. It’s tough to single just one out.”

OzSpurs: Just wanted to get your thoughts on the cricket in the last few months?
Daws: “Ha-ha, thought you might! It was good last summer, and I managed to spend a day at Lord’s, great to see England win the last Ashes, but it’s been a bit disappointing in the winter, let’s be honest.”

OzSpurs: What has been the best moment of your career to date?
Daws: “There have been so many. That’s difficult. My debut was a special moment, winning at the San Siro, but I’d say my debuts for Forest, Spurs and England. They are all special memories. To lift a trophy here at Tottenham would also be a dream.”

OzSpurs: How much of an influence was Ledley on your career?
Daws: “He was a special player and is an incredible person. I was very fortunate to have two senior players when I first played at Forest and Spurs in Des Walker and then Ledley, the best centre-back I’ve ever played with. He was that good. He really helped me along when I started in the Premier League at a huge club like Spurs and I’ll always remember that.”

OzSpurs: What does the Europa League mean to the players?
Daws: “It’s a chance to win a trophy. Last season we lost in the quarter-final and that was a massive disappointment. Every competition we enter is a chance to win a trophy, League Cup, FA Cup and the Europa League is no different.”

OzSpurs: Some people say you have the best hair in the Premier League – how do you maintain it?
Daws: “Wow! (laughs). I take that as a compliment. You have to look after you appearance.”

OzSpurs: We have the OzSpurs National Cup in Melbourne in May. Any chance you could play for the Sydney team? We’ll play you up front!
Daws: “It's a lovely offer - not sure about playing up front though!"

OzSpurs: Spurs have been to North America, South Africa and Asia in recent years – any chance of organising a pre-season trip to Australia?
Daws: “I’m sure it would be fantastic, but you’re speaking to the wrong guy about organising pre-season!”