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Ben answers back - 2

English Barclays Premiership

Here we concentrate more on Spurs in the second part of Ben Thatcher's replies to your various emails with targets, George Graham, big price tags and, inevitably, David Ginola on the menu&

From Jason Richards: Do you think working under George Graham will make you a better defender and why?
BT: "Of course. I would expect that simply because of his track record and reputation. Everyone knows about Arsenal's famous back four and perhaps we can re-create something like that here."

From Helen Dodds, Tottenham: How do you feel about David Ginola leaving?
BT: "It's a difficult one for me. I wasn't here long enough with him. I was only here three weeks with him, two weeks on tour and that was it. It's hard for me to comment."

From Jeanette Allen: What are you expectations for the coming season?
BT: "To finish in the top six in the Premiership and hopefully win a place in Europe."

From Paul Bentley: How have you settled in at Spurs and does having the old Wimbledon boys at the club help? Also, I'm a left-back as well, I'm 14 and I was wondering if you had any tips.
BT: "I've settled in very well. It was nice to have a few familiar faces around, but only really for initial introductions. One week away in Sweden and we're all bonding together anyway. As for any tips, take in all advice and as you get older, you can decide what to use and what not. Listen and work hard."

From Hazel Miall, Ruislip: Was is difficult to leave Wimbledon and why did you choose Spurs?
BT: "When you've been at a club for four years, an enjoyable club to be at, it is always a wrench to leave. But a club the size of Tottenham and the chance to play in the Premiership after Wimbledon were relegated, there is no choice."

From Steve Winch-Furness: What were your thoughts when you heard Spurs wanted to sign you?
BT: "I thought it would be great if it came off. It's a massive club and for me, the chance to go back into the Premiership after Wimbledon were relegated. George Graham in charge was another attraction."

From David Coster, Australia: Can you see Spurs qualifying for Europe?
BT: "I'd like to think so. We've certainly got the quality in the squad to do it."

From Ian Spark: Was the Crazy Gang really that crazy?
BT: "When I first went there it was very, very crazy but that has been weaned down a lot now."

From Matt Lea: What were the main reasons for Wimbledon going down?
BT: "You can't put it down to anything really. We just under-performed, as simple as that."

From Carl Beard: What has been the highlight of your career so far? Will your price tag be a problem for you?
BT: "Captaining England Under 21s was the highlight. As for the price tag, it's nothing to do with me. I haven't really thought about it. All I can do is get on with playing football. But ten quid or 20 million, it's not really my doing."