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Ben answers back - 1

English Barclays Premiership

We kick-off part one of our chat with Ben Thatcher with some of your more personal questions including who he supported as a boy, crazy times at Wimbledon, advice, and girlfriends.

From Mike Hosking: Which team did you support as a boy? Which professional club did you first sign for as a youth player? And have you always played in defence?
BT: "My dad supported Southampton so I went along with that until I made my own decisions. Then it was Millwall. That's who I first signed for as a youngster and yes, I've always played in defence."

From Neil Boughen, Chelmsford: What do team you feel you would most like to beat next season?
BT: "Having talked to the lads a few supporters, I would have to say Arsenal. Obviously, I'm well aware of how much that means to everyone here."

From James Yeung, Hong Kong: Do you expect to go to World Cup 2000 as an England player and which player at the club is the real joker?
BT: "It would be nice to go to the World Cup but I would never say I'm expecting to go. As for joker in the pack, there's a few. Tim Sherwood has always a few decent jokes up his sleeve, but a few bad ones as well!"

From Gavin White, London: What is your view on players demanding such high wages?
BT: "It's none of my business what players want to earn. If they can get it, all good to them. It's what the club values you at rather than players valuing themselves. If clubs want to pay that much, then fine. It's not for me to say."

From Jezza: Are you the player to fill the left-back position for England?
BT: "It's my ambition to play for England, in any position. Every professional footballer would say the same. If things go well here, why not?"

From Mark Johnson: What are the differences between Tottenham and Wimbledon? BT: "There are a million and one differences. Training is harder, training twice a day, the pitches, the canteen, everything. The ground, it's our own ground for a start! It's so professional. Just take the photo shoot on Friday. Lads messing around just wouldn't be tolerated here."

From Alex Cobley: Who drives the best-looking car at Spurs?
BT: "It has to be Les Ferdinand and his Ferrari. There weren't too many of them in the car park at Wimbledon!"

From Emma Jane North: You are very good-looking. Do you have a girlfriend? If so, how does she feel about the attention being at Spurs will bring you?
BT: "First of all, thanks for the compliment! I haven't been called that many times!! I have got a girlfriend, Emma, and she hates football! She's not interested. I think she's been to two games and that's it."

More questions on Sunday.