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Ask Iversen - part one

English Barclays Premiership

It is last season's top scorer Steffen Iversen's turn to answer your questions and he kicks off his stint in the hot seat by talking about moving to England, Norway and, yes, hair colour.

From Daniel Whitehead: Who was your childhood hero?
SI: "I didn't really have a hero growing up because my father was a very good player in Norway and I was used to having stars around me as a little kid. One of the players I watched though was Les Ferdinand when he was at QPR. I thought he was brilliant and still do."

From Paul Prenderville: How difficult was it to come to England when you were so young?
SI: "It wasn't too bad. The worst part was not knowing any names. I knew all the big stars but didn't really know all the names and three days after arriving I played my first game. It was easy to settle because Espen Baardsen was here and he helped me a lot."

From Trevor Cook: What is it like playing for a country that gives you very little service, is very defensive and to be quite honest, very boring? It seems a waste when you have wonderful strikers like Tore and yourself.
SI: "I think you is actually quite wrong in what you say. If you look at the qualification for the European Championship I think Norway scored most goals of all the teams. To say that we're boring could be right after our performances in the championship but it is always easy to say that. It is also good for me to get that defensive part of the game as well."

From Carole Mudd: Were you upset that Norway didn't make it far as they could in Euro2000?
SI: "There are two sides to that for me. Obviously we were disappointed but it was actually good for me personally because I needed the vacation. If we had gone further I would have been out there for another week and I would only have two weeks' holiday. For me, it was good to have the break but it was very disappointing."

From Neil Fisher: Do you ever meet up socially with the other Norwegians playing in the Premiership?
SI: "We do that quite a lot, especially with a few of the lads over at Wimbledon. I've played with a few of these players in the Under 21s and since I was 18 so I've hooked up with them a lot. Obviously Espen Baardsen is at Tottenham as well."

From Howard Mulkis: Are you happy at Spurs?
SI: "Very happy. I've got a lot of friends here and London and I'm enjoying myself very much. Everything is brilliant actually."

From Matthew Codina: What do you enjoy most about being a Spurs player?
SI: "Everything. It is a good club to play for, a famous club that I'd heard about when I was a kid and there are so many good players here. To play with these players is very good for me. I've made a lot of friends here as well."

From Richard Barrett: How does it feel to wear the Spurs number 10 after such greats as Glenn Hoddle and Gary Lineker?
SI: "Actually, I always had number 16 as my lucky number. After number 16, it has mostly been number 10 for me."

From Joachim in Norway: Do you think Spurs have made you a better striker than you were before?
SI: "No doubt about it. If I had stayed in Norway I don't think I would have made the same progress because over there perhaps three or four games are hard and the other easy. Over here, every game is a battle and you have to be at 100 per cent."

From David Jennings: Is this your website - - and do you update it yourself?
SI: "Yes it is and sometimes I update it personally but most of the time it is done over the phone."

From Ray Warner: What's with the dodgy barnet? (For those outside London, that is cockney rhyming slang for hair).
SI: "It was a little bet in Norway with myself and a couple of friends before we went to the States. Unfortunately, me and my friend lost the bet but it was a lot worse for him because he has dark brown hair. At least I had blond hair in the first place."

More on Sunday.

Sergei Rebrov

Photographs courtesy of Action Images Ltd.

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