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    Test your knowledge of the club with our short, sharp quiz.

    1. Who holds our League Cup goalscoring record with 23?
      Answer: Martin Chivers

    2. Name our goalkeeper from the 2002 League Cup Final in Cardiff.
      Answer: Neil Sullivan

    3. Only two players made their league debuts for us during our Double season. Ken Barton was one, who was the other?
      Answer: Frank Saul

    4. When we first won the title in 1951, we started the campaign with a 4-1 defeat at home to Blackpool. Who scored our goal in that one – and in doing so notched our first of the season?
      Answer: Eddie Baily

    5. Alex Young scored the winner for Everton in the 1906 FA Cup Final.  He also scored on his debut for us in an away match. Who was that against?
      Answer: Everton

    6. What country did Les Medley move to in 1954 before returning to resume his Spurs career?
      Answer: Canada

    7. Central-defender Gary O’Reilly was born in Isleworth and played for England schools. Who did he subsequently represent at Youth level?
      Answer: Republic of Ireland

    8. Ray Clemence made his Spurs debut at Wembley in August, 1981. Name the event, result and Spurs scorer.
      Answer: Charity Shield; 2-2; Mark Falco (2)

    9. Alf Ramsey made his Spurs debut at a London ground on the opening day of our Division Two title winning season of 1949-50. Where was that?
      Answer: Brentford

    10. Name the other two relegated clubs when we went down to Division Two in 1977.
      Answer: Sunderland and Stoke City