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    1. Who is entitled to apply for match tickets at White Hart Lane during the members' application period?

    All One Hotspur Bronze and Lilywhite members are able to submit a single application per match. Members are entitled to apply for one ticket per match. Tickets can be applied for in groups of no more than four members. To make the application process as easy as possible you are advised to visit your online ticketing account and add members to your network if you intend to apply for tickets together for matches

    2. How do I make a ballot application?

    Applications can be submitted online via your etickets account at any time during the advertised period. If you are unable to apply online then applications can also be submitted by phone during the advertised application period by calling 0344 844 0102 (Option 2) between the hours of 9.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

    3. When can I make a ballot application?

    A full list of application periods for the 2016/2017 season can be found here

    4. How many tickets are available in the ballot?

    The total number of tickets available will vary from game to game, partly depending on how many tickets the visiting team will take for their allocation. Every effort will be made to ensure the maximum number of tickets are available when the ballot is run. As a general rule, a minimum of 4,500 tickets will be available in the ballot for each Premier League home match.

    5. How many members can I apply with?

    Current One Hotspur Bronze and Lilywhite members can apply in groups of up to four in total. This maximum limit has been introduced following analysis of the breakdown of available seats as well as the average size of group purchases in recent seasons. Extending group applications to more than four would potentially significantly reduce the success chances of those applying in larger groups due to limited availability of seats together to accommodate such applications.

    6. Who conducts the ballot?

    The ballot will be carried out by the Tottenham Hotspur ticketing team, with input from Ticketmaster. Members of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust will be invited in periodically to observe the ballot process being carried out.

    7. How will tickets be allocated in the ballot process for “Category B and C” matches at White Hart Lane?

    An individual ballot process will be run for each price level within the stadium. A member who applies to be considered for a ticket at all price levels will be entered into the ballot process for every area until they are either successful or all tickets are allocated. As explained in Answer 10 below, any member who limits the price they wish to be considered for is obviously able to do that but will potentially reduce their chances of success as a result.
    Tickets will be allocated in a “top down” method - i.e. the higher priced seats will be allocated first. If we went with a process where tickets at the lower price were allocated first across all applicants then the chances for those who have applied just for the lower price will be far lower. By running a “top down” process we will be continually removing people who are willing to pay a higher price as we work through the price levels, therefore increasing the chances of those that only wish to or can only afford to pay the lower price.

    8. How will tickets be allocated in the ballot process for “Category A” matches at White Hart Lane?

    The application process will work exactly the same way for all Premier League matches at White Hart Lane, as set out in this FAQ page. For the home matches against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and West Ham United, tickets will be allocated using members’ individual loyalty points. This process will work in a similar way to away matches in that all members must each have the required number of loyalty points individually when applying for tickets in a group. Only the members of the group with sufficient loyalty points will qualify for a ticket. Tickets will NOT be issued based on the average number of points within a group.
    When submitting an application, members will still be asked to specify an upper limit they are willing to accept for match tickets. As detailed in Answer 10 below, if a member opts to limit the price range they are willing to be considered for when they submit an application they will potentially reduce their chances of success. The loyalty points cut-off that is announced for each Category A home match will not guarantee a ticket in the event that a member has limited the ticket price that they are willing to accept.

    9. Will all members of my group be seated together?

    Yes, successful applicants applying in groups will be sat together with the people they applied with.

    10. Can I select a specific price or area to apply for?

    You are asked to select the MAXIMUM price you would be willing to pay for a ticket for each match. If you select the top price then you will be considered for an available ticket in all areas of the stadium and therefore maximise your chances of getting a ticket. Should you wish to restrict the price you wish to pay for a ticket then you are able to do so at the point of application. By limiting your selection you are of course reducing the chances of being allocated a ticket.

    11. Can I select a specific seat(s) for a match?

    Unfortunately it will not be possible for members to select specific individual seats to purchase for a match. Part of the ballot process will be to ensure that all spaces are full and groups are kept together. If we adopted a process of allowing people to go in and choose specific seats from all those that are available we would very quickly be left with single seats or odd numbers that mean people within a group application would be unable to purchase seats together.

    12. How do I apply for a concession ticket (under 18 or over 65 years of age)

    Concession tickets will continue to be allocated in the North Stand for all matches and in the North and South Stands for Category B and Category C matches. Members who are successful in the ballot for a ticket in an area where concessionary prices apply will automatically be charged the correct price that their membership entitles them to. If a member only wishes to be considered for a concessionary priced ticket they should only select that price option at the point of application. Any member allocated a ticket in areas where reduced prices are not available for concessions will be charged the prevailing full price for a match ticket.

    13. How will I know if I am successful?

    Once the ballot process has been run, all applicants will be sent an email to confirm whether or not their application has been successful. Allocated seats will also be listed on members’ account history on their online account. As always, we would urge members to ensure that all of their contact details are up to date to ensure they receive all email communications.

    14. Can I amend my application once it is submitted?

    Once you have submitted an application for a match you are unable to alter it. You are able to cancel the original application online and resubmit a new application at any point during the application process.

    15. If my application is successful, when will I be charged?

    When you make an application you are asked to submit credit/debit card details. When the ballot process is run shortly after the closing date the card details of successful applicants will be charged the full amount for every ticket within an application, plus booking fees. Should payment fail the lead applicant will be emailed to advise that payment has not been successful. The tickets allocated will be placed on reserve for a limited time and the members will be given a deadline by which to make the correct payment, either online or over the phone (0344 844 0102, Option 2). Failure to complete payment within this period will result in the tickets being cancelled and re-issued to other members who were unsuccessful in the original ballot.

    16. Can I cancel my tickets if I am successful in the ballot but can no longer attend or do not want the tickets I am allocated?

    Yes. Anyone wishing to cancel the tickets they have been allocated can do so by sending an email to Any tickets that are cancelled up to seven days prior to the fixture date will receive a full refund (excluding booking fees). Members should clearly detail in their email the fixture and number of tickets they wish to cancel and which members wish to cancel from their group.
    Any cancellation requests received later than seven full days prior to the match will receive a full refund (excluding booking fees) once their tickets have been successfully re-sold to One Hotspur members that originally were unsuccessful in the ballot process. It is important to remember that it is against the Terms and Conditions of One Hotspur membership to re-sell or pass on a match ticket to another person. Anyone found to have sold or transferred a ticket via unofficial channels (including via social media) will have their membership and any allocated tickets cancelled with immediate effect. This will be enforced in an effort to ensure that the reduced ticket availability is allocated as fairly as possible to existing One Hotspur members.

    17. How will any cancelled tickets be allocated?

    Any cancelled tickets will be randomly allocated to members who applied in the original process but were unsuccessful.

    18. How will I receive the tickets?

    As in previous seasons, tickets will be loaded onto your One Hotspur Stadium Access Cards. Members are reminded that new cards are being issued ahead of the 2016/2017 season and that you should ensure that the correct and most up to date card is brought to the stadium on matchdays. Members are also reminded that tickets/Stadium Access Cards are strictly non-transferable.

    19. Is it possible for an adult season ticket holder to relocate to sit with a junior member who is successful in the ballot?

    Season ticket holders will be able to request to relocate their seat for an individual game in order for them to sit with a member(s) who has been successful in being allocated a match ticket via the members’ ballot. The season ticket holder should send an email to AFTER the ballot and once the member has been advised that they have been allocated a ticket. All relocation requests will be considered but are strictly subject to availability. Priority will be given to requests for season ticket holders to be relocated to sit alongside junior members who have obtained a ticket via the ballot. In the event that a relocation is not possible then a full refund will be offered to the member.