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    • Time Capsule

      We are planning to bury a custom-made Time Capsule at a point of overlap between the old and the new stadia, which will be on view through a glass cover for all visitors to the Tottenham area to see for years to come.

      Time capsules have traditionally been used as a means of communicating with future generations, containing key items from the time in order to provide an insight into the era.  The introduction of modern technologies potentially renders traditional time capsules redundant.

      We want to produce a capsule that stands the test of time and gives fans of the future a unique sense of the Club and its supporters today.

      We believe the true value of our time capsule will lie in the emotions and passions of our time at the Lane, our aspirations for the future of the Club and our predictions of how things will be in 50-100 years’ time.  Our Chairman Daniel Levy has already committed to penning a letter to our next generation of fans and we shall be seeking further contributions from members of the First Team.

      Play your part in making our time capsule a significant aspect of the Club, which will still be relevant going into the next century by providing us with your ideas of what should make up its contents.

      Please submit your ideas and comments to us by 5pm on Tuesday 9 May.