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UK Clubs


    Can’t find a Supporters' Club, 25 miles from where you live? If you are interested in forming your own Official Supporters' Club, please fill out the form below - NEW MID-SEASON JOINING FEE £25!

    Before complete the form make sure you take the time to view What we ask (Rules of the Road). This information is important for supporters who want to form a Supporters' Club.

    Please note that in order to form a Supporters' Club you need to start off with have 15 Members. Also all the Members need to be One Hotspur Bronze or Lilywhite Member.

  • First Name:  

    Last Name:  

    Email Address:  

    City/Region you would like to form your Official Supporters' Club:  

    How many Members do you currently have? (Min 5)   

    Additional information: