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UK Clubs


    Can’t find a Supporters' Club, 25 miles from where you live? If you are interested in forming your own Official Supporters' Club the forming fee is £50 per Club, lease fill in the form below to see how you can become Official!

    Before complete the form make sure you take the time to view What we ask (Rules of the Road). This information is important for supporters who want to form a Supporters' Club.

    Please note that in order to form a Supporters' Club you need to start off with have 15 Members. Also all the Members need to be One Hotspur Bronze or Lilywhite Member.

  • First Name:  

    Last Name:  

    Email Address:  

    City/Region you would like to form your Official Supporters' Club:  

    How many Members do you currently have? (Min 5)   

    Additional information: