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Spurs Ladies Team


    The Club was formed in 1985 as Broxbourne Ladies by the late Sue Sharples and Kay Lovelock after the East Herts College team folded.

    For the 1991/1992 Season, the team got permission granted for the name Tottenham Hotspur to be used and at the start of the 1992/1993 Season a reserve side was added to the Senior side.

    The Club continues to grow and their reliance on realising player’s true potential has seen many move onto Centres of Excellence and through to the First Team after progressing through the junior sides.

    Spurs Ladies is one of the biggest clubs in London, running 13 teams with the First Team.

    The Club runs three senior sides and ten Youth sides at Under-17s, Under-15s, Under-14s (two teams), Under-13s (two teams), Under-12s, Under-11s (two teams) and Under-10s.


    FA South-East Combination Champions: 2010/2011
    London and South-East Regional Women's Football League: Premier Division Champions 2007/2008
    Greater London Regional Women's League - Premier Division Runners-up: 1994/1995, 1995/1996, 1996/1997, 2000/2001
    Greater London Regional Women's League - Division 1 Champions: 1997/1998
    London County Senior Cup Winners: 2011/2012
    Middlesex County Cup Runners-up: 1991/1992
    Greater London Regional Women's League Cup Winners: 1995/1996

    Greater London Regional Women's League Cup Runners-up:1998/1999, 2003/2004

    Ryman’s Women’s Cup Runners Up: 2014/2015

    Ryman Women's Cup Winners: 2015/2016

    Capital Women's Cup Runners Up: 2015/2016

    FA Women's Premier League Cup Winners: 2015/2016

    FA Women's Premier League Southern Division Winners: 2016/2017
    FA Women's Premier League Championship Play-off Winners: 2016/2017

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