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About Soccer Sixes


    Please note the following information below has to be met by all teams that participate in the Spurs A-League: 



     telephone Call Daren Cousins on 020 8365 5182

      mob-phone Or Contact Daren on 07771 890 632

    1. A maximum of 9 players are allowed per team per match.
    2. The Team Manager must be over 18 years of age.
    3. All other Team Players must be over 16 years of age.
    4. Rolling substitutes are allowed with the permission of the referee. These must be made during a stoppage in play.
    5. All players must wear shin guards.
    6. Goalkeepers must also wear a distinguishing kit.
    7. Match duration is 32 minutes; 16 minutes per half.
    8. A kick-in is the method of restarting when the ball has gone out of play.
    9. Centre kicks will be taken following a goal being scored. You cannot score direct from this restart.
    10. A goalkeeper cannot receive a direct pass back from the player. The goalkeeper has to distribute the ball without it touching another player first.
    11. All free kicks are direct. Opponents must be 5 yards from the ball.
    12. Any player shown a Blue card will receive a 4 minute suspension.
    13. Any player issued 2 Blue cards in the same match or a Red card can no longer take part in that fixture.
    14. There is no offside and no overhead height rule.
    15. Slide tackles are not permitted.
    16. No extra time will be played if a match is drawn during a division fixture.
    17. Finally the decision of the referee is final.