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About Soccer Sixes


    Players are the most important people in the sport. Playing for the Team and for the Team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game; fair play and respect for others in the game should also be considered.



     telephone Call Daren Cousins on 020 8365 5182

      mob-phone Or Contact Daren on 07771 890 632


    • Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during a game, even if your Team is in a position where the desired result has already been achieved.
    • Avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time-wasting
    • Do not use inappropriate language
    • Know and abide by the League Rules
    • Accept success and failure, victory and defeat equally
    • Treat opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game
    • Accept the decision of the Match Officials without protest
    • Show due respect towards Match Officials
    • Show due respect towards the Team Officials of the opposition
    • Show due respect towards your own and other Team players


    • Set a positive example for others
    • Show due respect to Match Officials and staff
    • Not to use or tolerate inappropriate language
    • Avoid all forms of gamesmanship
    • Promote ethical principles
    • Accept the decisions of the match officials without protest
    • Avoid screaming and shouting
    • Encourage and guide players to behave in a responsible way