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  • Soccer School Testimonials 

    We strive to provide the best Premier League Soccer School courses.

    Our Football Development team prides itself on offering a great football experience and our team of coaches is always looking to innnovate and improve on the courses on offer.

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    Here's just some of great feedback we've received from parents and children about our UK and International courses.

    "Parents said"

    • "My boys really enjoy the courses so much."
    • "The course is run to an excellent standard - they both thoroughly enjoy the sessions."
    • "I would recommend Tottenham courses to any child and their family."
    "My son has improved at football tenfold and I put that down to the Spurs courses he's been on"
    • "Your coaches made the course more fun, interesting, different."
    • "My son always comes home happy and you can’t ask for more than that."
    • "The trophies and gifts are very good compared to other Clubs."
    • "The instructors have always been good and professional."
    • "Keep doing the same - my son talked about the course for weeks."
    • "The coaches are great with children of all ages"
    • "I was so impressed at how polite and enthusiastic the coaches were and also how professional they were.  They have inspired my son to try even harder with his football!"

    "Players said"

    "Having a Spurs player there at a Premier Day is fantastic and so exciting"
    • "The coaches were amazing and were really nice. I learned a lot."
    • "It was great and I learned a good deal."
    • "I have been on many courses over the last few years and have had a really great time."
    • "I absolutely enjoyed it - the facilities are awesome!"

    "Parents said"

    (International courses)

    • “My boy loved every minute of his week’s training. Every night he came home full of what he had learned that day."
    • “The whole set up was run very professionally and the coaches were a credit to Tottenham Hotspur.”
    • “I have seen a few other English clubs run training centres over here but they use local coaches and the standard is nowhere close to the weeks training my son enjoyed.”
    • “The coaching course was such a great intro to what he could be as far as skills and fitness. Even though he is only eight it has given him a start for the future.“
    "Your course was amazing! It was so professional, the kids learnt so much and were given the opportunity and confidence to use it. The kids absolutely thrived"
    • “After each day of football coaching the boys were still begging me to bring them back to you!”
    • "All the parents I spoke to were very impressed by the drills, the intensity of the sessions and of course fact that the coaches made sure the kids had a good time.”
    • "You and the coaches that came over are a credit to the club.”
    • “A huge thank you for the fantastic week of football coaching”
    • “He enjoyed the week immensely and gained so much from it. The course was professional and the coaches all had a fantastic attitude and made the experience great fun for the children, whilst passing on expert advice and knowledge.”
    • “Your drills were simple and effective with just the right amount of commentary from the coaches who I have to say were excellent and a joy to watch.”