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    Please take time to read the following terms and conditions carefully. They are the basis of the contract between yourself and Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Co Limited (“Tottenham Hotspur”).

    A contract will exist between us when we have taken your booking and required payment. You will then automatically receive a confirmation/invoice detailing exactly what has been booked. If you think anything is incorrect please contact us straight away. All correspondence will be with the person named on the confirmation invoice who accepts the following conditions on behalf of all participants. The contract is governed by English law and any dispute will be dealt with under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

    Your final payment and travel tickets
    The balance of your account is payable not later than 8 weeks before your course commencement. If payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to advise you of the cancellation of your course and make a cancellation charge at the appropriate rate. Full payment must accompany bookings made within 8 weeks of departure.

    Changing your booking or travel
    If, after you have confirmed your booking, you wish to make any alterations, an administration charge of £25 will be made per child. Any such amendment may be telephoned to Tottenham Hotspur in the first instance but must be confirmed in writing immediately thereafter with the appropriate amount enclosed. However, if a major amendment is requested less than 8 weeks prior to the starting date of the course, we reserve the right to treat your request as a cancellation and charge the appropriate cancellation fee as detailed below.

    Any Complaints
    If there is any problem with the course, we want to put this right for you as soon as possible. Please ask your child to mention it to their Coach or centre manager straightaway. Alternatively, we will be pleased to make a phone available, so your child can speak with you if this is preferable. We would ask you to make immediate contact with either the centre or contact Tottenham Hotspur Soccer Schools on 0208 365 5049. If we have been unable to find a solution, you have 28 days from the end of your course to write to us to explain your grievance.

    Our Responsibility
    Tottenham Hotspur accepts responsibility for those elements of the course arrangements which are under our direct control and for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents, subcontractors and suppliers. Save as set out below, no liability is accepted for personal illness, injury or death. We do accept responsibility for any personal illness, injury or death which results from the negligent (as the words is understood in the English Law) acts or omissions of any servant or agents, or any supplier, working on our behalf in the provision of services or facilities to you and whilst acting within the scope of their employment.

    Please note, however, that we do not accept liability for any air or sea carriers whose individual conditions of carriage apply and are often subject to international agreements. We cannot be held responsible for the failure or inability of any equipment or computer programme to recognise or correctly interpret or process any date as the true or correct date, or to continue to function correctly beyond that date. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of enjoyment or additional expenses due to delays or changes in any travel arrangements or other services which are caused by circumstances amounting to force majeure, such as, but not limited to war, riot, and civil commotion, act of God, Government action, epidemic, disease, natural disaster, industrial dispute, or adverse weather conditions. We can only be liable for the provision of special requests where we have confirmed their availability in writing.

    Should you or any member of your party have the misfortune to suffer illness, injury or death during the period of your course, arising us of an activity which does not form part of the arrangements made by us, we shall, where appropriate, and subject to our reasonable discretion and prior agreement, give you and your family every help that we can by way of initial assessment, including initial legal costs associated there with, up to a maximum value of £5,000 per booking. You must request such assistance within 90 days from the date of the misadventure and in the event of there being a successful claim for costs against a third party or there being suitable insurance policies in force, the costs incurred by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club shall be recoverable from yourselves. We shall not be liable in respect of any loss of profits, damage to goodwill or any type of special, indirect or consequential loss even if such loss was reasonable foreseeable or we have been advised of the possibility of you incurring the same.

    Your Responsibility  

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to advise Tottenham Hotspur of a child’s special diet and swimming ability in writing or by telephone at the time of booking. This information will be reconfirmed to you in our documentation. (All children participating in water sports must be able to meet Tottenham Hotspur‘s swimming requirements as detailed in the parent guide). It is also the responsibility of the parent/guardian or other person acting in ‘loco parentis’ to fully advise Tottenham Hotspur, when booking, and then follow this up in writing, of any illness, disabilities, social or behavioural problems that a junior currently has, or has recently experienced, which might affect the youngster or other guests during the Tottenham Hotspur course. We may request written confirmation from your GP/teacher confirming the suitability of the course for your child with particular reference to such considerations as social compatibility, physical access, successful participation and health and safety.

    We will naturally treat any personal information sensitively and respect confidentiality. We are committed to making our courses as accessible to as many guests as possible, however, very occasionally we may not be able to provide the service required and will refund any deposit paid.
    We reserve the right to exclude any person before or after course commencement if important personal details have not been fully declared and/or their behaviour is incompatible with the general enjoyment and wellbeing of other. Collection would be entirely at the responsibility and expense of the person acting in ‘loco perentis’ to whom any costs for damage and other expenses incurred would also be charged. No refunds will be considered for any children sent home for behavioural reasons.

     Behaviour deemed inappropriate may include:
    • Under age buying and consumption of alcohol.
    • Leaving the site unless accompanied by a Tottenham Hotspur member of staff
    • Suspected involvement with illegal drugs
    • Use of alcohol
    • Smoking by any Juniors
    • Theft or illegal activities
    • Threatening behaviour, bullying, offensive or insulting
    language to other guests, Tottenham Hotspur staff or any other person resident on centre
    • Anti-social behaviour affecting other guests enjoyment of their course
    • Leaving rooms during the night without a legitimate reason
    • Deliberately tampering with safety systems
    (eg: CCTV, Fire Alarms)

    Personal Property
    Your personal property, including baggage, is your own responsibility at all times, unless any loss or damage is due to our negligence or failure to carry out our responsibility. Please note that an adventure course is not the place to bring mobile phones, expensive watches, jewellery, photographic equipment or other precious items which may not be covered by the Tottenham Hotspur insurance.

    Data Protection
    The personal information requested at the time of booking and on subsequent proformas is held on computer and required to allow our employees, agents, sub-contractors and suppliers to provide the promised course to our normal high standards. By providing us with the information required for booking you are deemed to accept the above and to have gained consent from the parents of all members of your party to disclose their details to us. At time of booking or requesting a brochure, whichever is sooner you will be asked if you wish to receive future mailings from Tottenham Hotspur and/or carefully selected third parties. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, please advice at the time of booking or alternatively write to the Tottenham Hotspur Marketing Department. Please refer to our website at www.Tottenham Hotspur Football for details of our privacy policy.

    We regularly take photographs and videos for promotional and training purposes, if you do not want your child to appear in these you must write to Tottenham Hotspur Customer Service and inform Tottenham Hotspur staff on arrival at the centre.