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    New Berlin, Wisconsin -  19 - 23 June

    Young Players in Wisconsin recently completed a fantastic week long Player Development Camp at New Berlin.
    The camp saw over 70 young male and female players join our coaches, who use training techniques directly from our Training Centre, as they showed overwhelming enthusiasm and focus throughout the camp.

    Below is some outstanding feedback about the camp and our coaches.

     'The buzz has definitely sparked in the city as they were all over Facebook of where and when they were seen around town. I can’t tell you how many people have either stopped me or reached out to tell me that their child or children have been out in the yard working with a ball at night as opposed to sitting down in front to the video games or TV. You all played a major role in creating the buzz of this new club and the future that it may have. Hopefully we can do this again next year'

    'Steve- is a top notch talent and really Captained the ship for this program. The kids loved him and they responded well to the challenges that he put forth. They went out feeling as though they had something to prove when they had him as their coach for the day. He was awesome!

    J- did an exceptional job with skills and getting the players energised and keeping them focused on tasks at hand. His energy, and skill set well impressed not only the players but the coaches who helped as well.

    Tom- really acted as the backbone of the camp. As Steve may have been the “head” –Tom really was seen as one of the main structural pieces of the program. His work with the older kids was something that I had a few parents reach out to me about and felt as though that session was the best of the week.

    Aaron- did an amazing job all the way around. The players had fun and were well engaged. They were challenged but felt as though they were enjoying and accepting the challenges not only at the camp but where taking the home to try and show off later in camp.' 


    Tennessee and East Fishkill Testimonials are coming soon...


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