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    Football course information:

    Q: Are all coaches DBS qualified?
    A: Yes, all coaches are DBS qualified.

    "Groups are selected according to players ages, and ability may be taken into consideration"

    Q: Can girls take part?
    A: Yes, we welcome girls and boys on all of our courses.

    Q: I’ve paid for one day, can I book for rest of week – either walking up, online or on the telephone?
    A: Yes, you are welcome to book additional days using any of the above options.

    Q: Are sessions held inside or outside, on grass or astroturf pitches?
    A: This will depend on the venue. Details of the course are highlighted on the relevant course page on the website.

    Q: Will there be any First Team player's coming to visit?
    A: We do have First Team appearances on selected courses. Please check our website for any upcoming appearances.

    Q: Is there a scouting system?
    A: Yes, the Spurs scouting network runs across all our courses.

    What to bring:

    Q: What kit do we need to bring?
    A: We will indicate on the website or booking page the surface that the courses will take place on. Please also bring a suitable playing kit, a waterproof jacket and if desired, tracksuit bottoms.

    "We always tell you on the website where courses are on grass or Astroturf"

    Q: Can players wear studs?
    A: This will depend on the surface that the course takes place. Details of the course are found on the relevant course page or the booking page.

    Q: Do players need to bring shin pads?
    A: Yes, we require players to wear shin pads during sessions.

    Q: Do we need lunch?
    A: Yes you will need lunch on day-courses and holiday courses.


    On the day of the course

    Q: Can parents stay and watch?
    A: Parents are not permitted to stay and watch, but are welcome to return early to watch games at the end of the session.

    "Parents are welcome to return early to watch games at the end of the session"

    Q: What time do we need to pick up our Junior?
    A: This will depend on the course time, please visit the relevant page on the website. 

    Q: Do you look after his/her asthma pump etc?
    A: Coaches can look after asthma pumps, but are not permitted to administer them.