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  • Season Tickets - Accessibility


    Please note that those Bronze members on our Access Waiting List with disabilities or access requirements will be contacted by the Access Team if they are eligible and invited to purchase a Season Ticket.

    The availability to accommodate our disabled supporters is much higher for our matches at Wembley Stadium. Please also note that ALL Members with a disability or other access provision must submit a new Access Requirement Form in addition outlining all your access requirements and reason for requesting a Personal Assistant, if required. This will enable the Access Team to better meet those requirements at Wembley and as we move forward in our planning for our new stadium. You can download and print the Access Requirement Form here. Please complete and return to The Access Team via email or send via post to The Access Team, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Lilywhite House, 782,High Road, Tottenham, N17 0BX. Download the Access Requirement Form here.

    For 2017/2018 Season proof of eligibility is required from ALL disabled supporters wishing to purchase tickets and the Club will accept any of the following as supporting evidence:

    • Qualifying annual uprating letter
    • A statement of higher or middle rate disability living allowance as issued by the Department of Work & Pensions
    • Receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or Attendance Allowance
    • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
    • The Access Card (Details available from
    • Registration document which certifies that you are Registered Blind or Partially Sighted.
    • Veterans Agency letter confirming War Disablement Pension
    • A personal letter outlining your access requirements from your hospital specialist (dated within the last two months)

    Please note: This list is not exhaustive and consideration will be given to any other evidence that can be provided. This does not automatically entitle the disabled supporter to a free personal assistant. This is assessed on its own merit, on a case by case basis. You will be required to submit an Access Requirement Form in addition outlining all your access requirements and reason for requesting a Personal Assistant, if you require one. This will enable the Access Team to better meet those requirements at Wembley and as we move forward to our new stadium. Once we have reviewed your documentation you will not need to provide further evidence for a period of 3 years or unless there is a change to your access requirements.

    Where a supporter would find it unreasonably difficult or impossible to access the stadium or services offered, the Club will allow the supporter to bring a personal assistant and be given a complimentary ticket in order for them to assist with your matchday experience. It is important to understand that the personal assistant ticket is not a concessionary ticket but is actually a reasonable adjustment made by the Club to enable a disabled supporter to more easily access the full range of matchday services (This is in line with current UK legislation as described in the Equality Act 2010).

    In determining whether an assistant may be required, we will take account of whether the time, inconvenience, effort, discomfort, anxiety or loss of dignity entailed in using our services would be considered unreasonable by other people if they had to endure similar difficulties.

    The personal assistant should sit with the disabled supporter to assist him/her and whilst we accept that the personal assistant may be another disabled person or a young person (under 16), we would advise all supporters that you attend the match with a personal assistant who is at least 18years of age and is fully capable of meeting your needs, this includes lifting of any equipment. It should also be noted that when entering the Stadium, the personal assistant must enter at the same time as the disabled supporter.

    Please note: The Club reserves the right to retrospectively seek additional proof of eligibility where there is an element of reasonable doubt as to the need for a personal assistant. Where there is no requirement for a personal assistant as a reasonable adjustment, the disabled supporter will be advised of a reasonable time frame to purchase the additional 2017/2018 Season Ticket at the prevailing rate.

    If you have any additional questions regarding access requirements at Wembley Stadium, view our frequently asked questions section on our iSpurs information hub or please contact our Access Team on 0208 3655161 or 0208 3655360