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    2016/2017 Season Ticket prices
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    The prices table for the 2016/2017 Season Tickets is now available to view. Alternatively use the interactive map below (only available on desktop version of renewal site) by clicking your stadium area and your prices will be displayed. There is also dropdown tool where you can select your stadium area.

    Please note that all Season Ticket prices for the season 2016/2017 are frozen. Season Ticket Holders affected by the North East Corner works will not be required to pay more for their relocated seat than the price paid for their current seat and any concessions that are applicable will remain in place.

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  • Stadium Area Category Centre Next to centre West Stand Seats
    1-42 & 176 - 217
    West Stand Upper All See table below £1,320 £1,205
    West Stand Upper All See table below £1,320 £1,205
    West Stand Upper All See table below £1,320 £1,205
    West Stand Lower All £1,115 £1085  
    East Stand Upper All £1,115 £990  
    East Stand Upper (Restricted View)       £865
    East Stand Lower All £990 £865  
    East Stand Lower (Restricted View)       £745
    South Stand Upper All £895 £880  
    South Stand Upper All £795 £765  
    Family North Stand Upper All £895 £880  
    Family North Stand Upper Seniors £355    
    Family North Stand Upper Juniors £330    
    Family North Stand Lower Adults £795 £765  
    Family North Stand Lower Seniors £310    
    Family North Stand Lower Juniors £295    
    Disabled Stand Upper Adults £880    
    Disabled Stand Upper Seniors £355    
    Disabled Stand Upper Juniors £330    
    Disabled Stand Lower Adults £765    
    Disabled Stand Lower Seniors £310    
    Disabled Stand Lower Juniors £295    
    Stadium Area Rows Seats Next to centre
    West Stand Upper 1-10 69-149 £1,895
    West Stand Upper 11-15 69-149 £1,665
    West Stand Upper 16-20 69-149 £1,495
    Away Season Ticket Prices (includes two away cup games) + £35 Service Charge
    Adults £630
    Seniors £420
    Juniors £420
    Disabled £420
  • Stadium Map
    Season ticket prices 2016/2017

    Use the interactive stadium map below by clicking your block to find your Season Ticket price for next season

    You can also use the dropdown tool below to select your block

    DisabledDisabledDisabledNorth Stand LowerNorth Stand UpperAwayWest Stand UpperWest Stand LowerSouth Stand UpperSouth Stand LowerEast Stand LowerEast Stand Upper  
    Select your stadium area using the drop down box

    For an interactive map and full prices, please view this page from a desktop computer.

  • Payment options 2016/2017
    Phone us

    BY CARD - To renew online, log in and type in your Client Reference Number and password. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and subject to a £2.25 service charge. At Tottenham Hotspur we accept all major credit and debit cards EXCEPT Diners, Solo and Electron. Please note that we now accept American Express.

    Buy in Person

    TELEPHONE - 0344 844 0102 (option 1) Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm and Saturday to Sunday 8am - 6pm. Renewals by phone are subject to a £3.50 service charge. If you are calling from outside the UK, please call +44 (0)207 998 1068.


    CASH OR CHEQUE (TICKET OFFICE ONLY) - Cash and Cheque payments are only accepted from supporters that personally visit the Ticket Office with Photo ID and their 2015/2016 One Hotspur Stadium Access Card. The Ticket Office is open Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5:00pm.