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Bronze & Lilywhite Members



    1. How can I upgrade to a One Hotspur Bronze membership?
    One Hotspur Lilywhite Members may upgrade to Bronze at any time during the season, however, once the season has commenced no extra loyalty points will be awarded for doing so, with exception of those earned from the Cup-Ties attended.
    To renew your Bronze or Lilywhite membership and retain your place on the Season Ticket Waiting List (Bronze Members only), in addition to keeping any Loyalty Points earned, you must renew by 5pm Friday 20 June.

    2. What is the Young Adult membership Tier?
    We are delighted to announce a NEW tier of adult membership called One Hotspur Young Adult at a concession price! This new membership is exclusive to 16 and 17 year olds.

    Young Adults within this age category will receive a renewal pack detailing all adult membership benefits but importantly information on access to match tickets at the same concession price as a junior, subject to availability. Find out more on Young Adult benefits.

    3. How does the Loyalty Points System work?
    The loyalty point system ensures those supporters that continue to regularly attend matches are recognised when we come to allocate tickets for the most popular matches away from White Hart Lane.

    The points total held by One Hotspur Season Ticket, Bronze and Lilywhite Members will consist of the points gained in the previous four full seasons, as well as the current campaign. For example, for the start of the 2014/2015 Season the points gained for continuous membership will be totalled for the following seasons:

    • 2010/2011
    • 2011/2012
    • 2012/2013
    • 2013/2014

    In addition, this total will be added to any points gained during the 2014/2015 Season.

    At the end of next season, then any points from the 2010/2011 Season will fall away to be replaced by points gained during the 2014/2015 season and also through the forthcoming 2015/2016 Season.

    By having this ‘rolling’ system we are looking to show recognition to those supporters that have continued to maintain the most active match attendance records over a number of years. At the same time this alteration will ensure that supporters who gained a large number of loyalty points a number of years ago but are no longer able to attend matches as frequently do not maintain an unfair advantage in terms of access to tickets to the most attractive matches.

    As a result of these alterations, supporters who were One Hotspur Season Ticket, Bronze and Lilywhite Members prior to 2010/2011 will see their loyalty point totals drop. However, this will be the same for everyone, and new totals will reflect the continued active support over the last four full seasons.

    As an aide to supporters wishing to apply for away matches, and to assess the potential for their access to tickets, we also publish a Loyalty Point Table on the Club website. There are separate tables for One Hotspur Season Ticket, Bronze and Lilywhite Members and will show how many supporters there are in different loyalty point brackets.

    It is hoped that this level of information and transparency allows supporters to be fully informed prior to making applications for away matches.


    4. How do I change my personal/contact details?
    It is really important that we have all your correct contact information. You can manage your account online through e-tickets. Simply log in using your Client Reference Number and password. On the left panel click 'MY ACCOUNT' then click 'UPDATE DETAILS'. Alternatively, contact the Ticket Office on 0844 844 0102.


    5. What is StubHub?
    Next season StubHub, the official ticket resale marketplace will continue to provide a safe and easy way for you to buy tickets for home matches you cannot attend. Important changes have been made following a review by the Club and StubHub and feedback from supporters. View updated details

    6. Where can I find out more information on your Partner Offers?
    Visit our Partner page to find out more