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  • Drainpipes to Spurs Dreams – Micky Hazard

    Newsletter 15 January 2016 exclusive

    Micky Hazard is a Spurs legend - but perhaps it's lesser known that he grew up in Sunderland and had to overcome severe bouts of homesickness before becoming part of the club's glory, glory days of the early 1980s.

    Micky Hazard - Spurs Dreams

    The midfielder was initially scouted as a 12-year-old, signed apprentice forms at 16 and then turned full professional aged 18.

    Micky admits those early days were tough - but worth it.

    "When I first came down as a schoolboy I’d never been away from my family, my dad would always come down with me on the train, the club looked after us, put us in a lovely hotel and it never felt any different," he recalled. "A week later I’d go back home after playing a few games.

    "At 16, when I came down full-time, the realisation was there that suddenly this was a change in my life that I was unprepared for.

    "You always think that your parents will be there by your side but they are not. For the first year to 18 months I was with a fantastic Irish family in Edmonton, the Moore family, they were wonderful to me, but I’ve got to admit it was the toughest period of my life.

    "I’d often be seen climbing down the drainpipes and making my way to Kings Cross to get back home! I'd then get the phone call the next day ‘where’s Micky?’.

    "Spurs showed so much patience, obviously valued me and helped that homesickness to go away. Thankfully they did that, because it’s turned out to be the greatest decision of my life."

    Micky went on to play 170 times for us, helping the club lift the FA Cup in 1982 and his highlight, the 1984 UEFA Cup Final.

    "This club has been my life, I’ve worked here for about 37 years and I always feel happy when I walk through the door, my spirits are lifted when I walk through the front gates.

    "It’s all about the Spurs family. It’s magical and will run through my family, my son is a Season Ticket Holder and my grand-daughter has been to games.

    "I was pitch side recently for the half-time interview and I was standing in the tunnel, waiting to be introduced and they were playing clips of me scoring goals and I’ll never know how I managed to fight off the tears. It was amazing. The reception the fans gave me was incredible."

    Grassroots to Glory