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    Steffen Freund proved a popular choice for our first Facebook Q&A.


    First team coach Steffen fielded as many of the questions as he could - and we had almost 500 in half-hour!

    Here's a selection...

    Kim Hald Auxois - To the friendliest man in the world: How do you stay so friendly and happy all the time? (don't change by the way!)
    Steffen: “Kim Hald, it's because I have a positive character which makes it easier. But I enjoy my life. I am always thinking positive - when you're feeling a bit down, I remind myself of what I have. I'm always thinking positive about my job, plus my family, and then you enjoy your life.”

    Leo Cutler - Steffen, what was your favourite match playing for Spurs? P.S You are a legend!!
    Steffen: “Thanks Leo! I'd say, home against Arsenal. It is the big derby and I know what it means for the supporters and especially at home with our crowd. You do everything to beat the Gunners. The atmosphere is electric when we play against Arsenal.”

    Fabian Kreulen - What are you having for lunch today?
    Steffen: “Ah, I didn't check it yet but we have a fantastic restaurant here and it's really healthy food. Today, I think I liked special made pasta for Steffen! Linguini with tomato, a little bit of chilli and parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and maybe some salmon. I also like Caesar Salad too.”

    Anthony Mayatt - Proudest moment in your playing career?
    Steffen: “I think, Anthony, it was winning silverware for my country so winning Euro '96 with Germany. I picked up an injury against England but everyone remembers Germany winning in 1996. And it was the last silverware for Germany - we have to win something again. The Champions League and to win the league in Germany or the League Cup with Tottenham was great too but to win with your country is special.”

    Craig Walker - Best player you have played with?
    Steffen: “Very difficult, Craig, but I'd say David Ginola. He could win the game on his own for you, like against Barnsley in the FA Cup quarter final in '99. And he did it a lot of times for the Club. But also Teddy Sheringham - his movement and finishing was fantastic. Always in the corner and I know how difficult it is, because I never scored.”

    Ed Avery - Favourite chant at the Lane?
    Steffen: “Ed, there were probably three. 'Steffen Freund, the football genius', 'I love Steffen Freund' and 'SHOOT!' And I love all of them! I think it was a little crazy that the supporters shout always shoot, because I never scored. Even when I was in our own half.”

    Sam Rabin - I love Steffen Freund. Does Steffen Freund love me?
    Steffen: “Of course, Sam! Everyone! That came from the supporters and that shows me that they know me for being positive and trying to think of the supporters. They travel a long way and so it's always good to wave and give positive feedback to the supporters. It is all about supporters - they are most important!”