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    Ossie Ardiles was a welcome visitor to the Training Centre this week - just days afte having his feet cast in gold!

    Our legendary midfielder picked up a Lifetime Award at the prestigious Golden Foot Awards in Monaco.

    Ossie has been recognised with fellow legends, Colombian international Carlos Alberto Valderama and French striker Jean Pierre Papin and all three players left their footprints on the cement for the Champions Promenade, the famous Wall of Fame of international football on the seafront of Principality of Monaco. It's known as the 'Hollywood of football'.

    "It was a surprise to get this wonderful award, together with Carlos and Jean Pierre Papin," said Ossie, who won the World Cup with Argentina in 1978 before famously lifting the FA Cup at Spurs in 1981.

    "If you go to Monaco, to the Promenade and you will see a lot of very famous footballers there, and you will see mine as well!"

    And it's safe to say Ossie, who played over 300 times for us between 1978-1987 and later managed the club, was blown away by the new Training Centre in Enfield.

    "It’s not bad!" he laughed. "I think if you compare to what we had, this is wonderful. I think it has to be one of the best in England, perhaps even the best in Europe. It's a fantastic facility."