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    Ossie Ardiles recognises how important it is for Erik Lamela to learn the English language.

    Erik told our website this week that one of his key targets was to learn English.

    “It’s essential to be able to communicate in English, to talk to my team-mates, to everyone in the team and then in my personal life outside the football," said Erik. "It’s vital I learn the language.”

    Of course, Ossie knows exactly what Erik is going through as he tries to adapt as quickly as possible.

    The legendary midfielder played over 300 times for us after joining us with Ricky Villa in 1978 - straight after helping Argentina win the World Cup.

    "The country is completely different and one thing I would say to Erik definitely is that he should learn to speak the language," said Ossie.

    "Look at me, I still can’t speak it properly!

    "This is a main thing. If you don’t understand English then you don’t understand the theatre, you don’t understand the cinema, the news, what is on television, everything. This is crucial.

    "After that (learning the language), things become a lot, lot easier. Things like going to supermarket. It’s so important you speak the language, the better you can do that, the better it is."