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    Michael Dawson was delighted to see Younes Kaboul and Sandro back in action.

    Younes, out for the best part of a year and Sandro, out since January, returned to duty in the second half of Saturday’s friendly against Espanyol.

    Michael has had his fair share of injuries in the last few years and could sympathise with the players’ plight as they put in all those hours of rehabilitation work.

    “It’s tough to be out – believe me, I know how they’ve felt – but it’s great to have them back, real characters and great for the dressing room,” said Michael.

    “Funnily enough, last Friday morning and there was a guitar in the dressing room, we’re all getting ready and Sandro just picked it up and started playing!

    “He’s just a great character. Even when he was going through the hard times, he stayed as positive as he could around the lads.

    “As I said, it’s tough, it’s frustrating but you have to stay as positive as you can. Hopefully they’ll both stay injury free now.”