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You asked...Teddy answered!

Posted on 7 November 2001  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Teddy Sheringham was the latest Spurs star to face our fans Q&A on video after almost 7,000 of you voted for him as Player of the Month for September.

Our super skipper answered a host of questions and talked about such varied subjects as influences on his career, his favourite goal, Gazza, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jimmy Greaves, Michael Owen, Les Ferdinand's style and being recognised in the toilet!

Here is the Q&A is full and don't forget, you can watch the interview in full by clicking the audio link on the right.

From Kevin Smith, Letchworth: What's is like being Spurs captain and leading the team out on matchday? Why do you like having number 10 on your shirt?

Teddy Sheringham: "Very good. I was very pleased to be named captain. It's an honour to be captain of any team but Tottenham Hotspur and the captains they've had over the years, it really is an honour. I was always number nine at Millwall and then I went to Forest and as I joined them I said to Brian Clough 'who is going to wear the 10 shirt?' and he said to me 'just make sure your in the first 11, son' and put me number 10 because Nigel was number nine. I've been 10 since."

From Nicola Webb: Where is the most embarrassing place you've been recognised?

TS: "Toilets is always the one, when you're out and someone wants to shake your hand when you've just had a wee."

From Paul Hutchens, Cornwall: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

TS: "There have been a lot but once I got into my career, probably Terry Venables. He was the man who inspired me most."

From Anthony Weight: I'm struggling recover fully from a broken ankle and I've found I'm enjoying my football less and less. Has it ever been the case when you've not enjoyed your football?

TS: "There are times you take it for granted, perhaps think to yourself that you would rather be doing something else but it never lasts for long. I soon snap out of it and realise what a great life it is and what a privilege it is to be paid a lot of money for something I love doing."

From Dave Jones: I just want to know if Teddy played for Beaumont as a teenager. I used to play for Ajax and I'm sure I used to play against him.

TS: "Yes, that's right. I played for them from about the age of 12 to 16."

From Soyeb Kavia, Cheltenham: What advice would you give to someone taking free-kicks?

TS: "Practice makes perfect. Have a look at David Beckham, how much he practises."

From Stewart Darkin: Klinsmann, Shearer, Beckham, Ferdinand and Owen have all said what a pleasure it is to play with you. Which players have made your game easier?

TS: "All of the names mentioned. In different ways they've all been good for me and I've enjoyed trying to work out different partnerships and the way they work starting with Tony Cascarino at Millwall to Nigel Clough at Forest, very similar to me but we worked something out. I loved playing with Nicky Barmby at Tottenham, Klinsmann, Shearer for England. There is a long list of them and it's been a great journey."

From Yusuf Mehmet: What is the favourite goal you have scored?

TS: "Favourite, don't know. It wasn't the best goal but the most memorable has to be the Champions League Final. I didn't kick it right, didn't strike it, didn't go where I wanted it to go but it hit the back of the net."

From Juliet Greely, Hertford: If you could come back in life as a different footballer, who would it be?

TS: "Paul Gascoigne. Unbelievable talent. When he was in his prime he was fantastic, something special. When you can join up with England, with all those quality players around and have those players stop training to give you a clap, that was the quality of him. He was inspirational."

From Peter Phidia, Basildon: The debate at the moment is who is the best striker in Europe. Wenger says Thierry Henry, Alex Ferguson sys Ruud van Nistelrooy. Who do you think?

TS: "At this moment I would say Michael Owen. Everything he touches turns to gold at the moment. He's more clinical than those two, gets into areas where he'll get goalscoring opportunities and when he gets the chances you'll put money on him scoring every time."

From Alix Sharkey: Can you tell us a bit about training methods under Glenn Hoddle?

TS: "We're using the ball as much as we can and that is the emphasis. We're working a lot of defensive duties as well but Glenn likes working with the ball and that is what footballers like doing. We're all enjoying it at the moment."

From Daniel Robinson: Of all the great Spurs strikers past and present who would you like to partner up front?

TS: "Jimmy Greaves. I never saw him play live, I never knew what sort of player he was but so many people, like my dad, describe him as one of the great players."

From Steve Moody: Have you had a little bet with Les over who can score the most goals? Is Les the most fashionable player at the club really or is he getting the other players to say that?

TS: "Bet, no. I will give him his due, he's right up there. He's a smoothy. I have a go but it just comes natural to Les."

From Abdul, Wembley: Do you think you will take up a role in management or coaching at the club?

TS: "You don't know what will happen in football. I've always said no to coaching or managing but the older you get and the more experience you gain you think you might be able to put something back in. It would be nice because Tottenham is a great club and I would love to be part of it in some capacity. There has been a lot of talk but there is still life in the legs yet so we'll put it on the backburner for now."

From Andy Hall, Newcastle: Who is the best defender you have played against?

TS: "I was asked this recently. I was over in Dublin and found myself answering with Sol Campbell. He's an immense man-to-man marker, in the class of Jaap Stam. I've trained with both of them over the years and they are both man mountains you wouldn't like to come up against every week."

From Al-karim Nizarali: Is there a budding Teddy Sheringham junior hiding away somewhere?

TS: "There is a Teddy Sheringham junior, Charley, my son, but he's only 13. He's showed a little bit of talent but there is a long way to go and a lot of boys who want to be professional footballers. As for Tottenham, he's not really classed as a youngster but Simon Davies stands out for me as a great talent."

From From Mohammed Hassan: Do you feel that Sir Alex Ferguson improved your overall game?

TS: "Awareness, yes. I think he looks for the finished article when you are talking about Manchester United, apart from the youngsters he brings through in the United way. He certainly improved my awareness of what is takes to win games, what it takes to stay at the top, what it takes to be shot at and stay standing."

From Jules Morgan: There was some press reports when you were at United that you fell out with Andy Cole. How important is it to have a good relationship with your strike partner off the field?

TS: "I don't think you have to get on with someone well off the pitch as long as you have that understanding and respect of ability on it. That's most important."

From Clare Starling: How much has changed since you were last at Spurs?

TS: "There are a few new things around the club but the main thing, and I've said since I've been here, is that everyone is pulling in the same direction and if you've got that at a football club you've got half a chance. The chairman and committee all back the manager and you can't ask for more than that."

From Daniel Oade: Do you think Tottenham has what is takes to reach a European spot this season?

TS: "I hope so. That's the plan."