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Xtra - pre-season gallery - Day 8

Posted on 15 July 2013  - 13:21

Exclusive photographs from Monday morning's session at the Training Centre.

Ade takes aim......and blasts home from close range.Michael Dawson and Cristian CeballosCristian CeballosAde on the ball with Gylfi, Scott and TomGareth Bale on the chargeAndros TownsendAde on the ball againTom Carroll plants this shot into the cornerJose Mario Rocha overlooks the stretches at the end of the session

As always, Andre Villas-Boas and the coaching team put the squad through a number of football exercises as the lads prepare for Tuesday night's pre-season friendly at Swindon Town.

"Most of the players are back in training and they have to be switched on now, to play possession, to press, to try and win the ball back and we had a great session this morning," said Steffen Freund, our Assistant Head Coach.