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  • World Cup Spurs fans in Brazil
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World Cup 2014 - Spurs fans in Brazil

Posted on 16 July 2014  - 18:00

The final selection of photographs from our fans reporting in from the World Cup in Brazil.

Jeffry SujantoJeffry at Germany vs AlgeriaJeffry at the Holland vs Chile matchKapil Singh and Pravanya Pillay on Sugar Loaf MountainThe village where Rob Ahlers watched Brazil vs GermanyView of Brazil's training base at Teresopolis from Rob AhlersSean Jones plus Sandro shirt at Brazil vs GermanySean Jones at Brazil vs Germany

Thanks to everyone who sent us reports, blogs and photographs from Brazil - giving us fans' perspective of the world's greatest tournament over the last month. We appreciate your time.

Germany toppled Argentina to lift the trophy on Sunday and here are the final reports from the final week...


Rob Ahlers (Amsterdam Spurs)

What a rollercoaster week!

We decided to watch the Brazil semi-final in a small village of around 200 people, we just picked it at random. Just about all of them were gathered in the local restaurant/bar where a giant screen had been placed.

They watched us walk in as if we were from Mars, or even further! Luckily, my Spurs Paulinho shirt made it clear where our preference was! We made several friends and have several Facebook contacts as a result of it.

The mood in Brazil turned. It was waking up from a bad nightmare for them, only to realise that it was actually truth. Their normal eternal optimism had been even more inflated by Brazil´s performance in the Confederations Cup in 2013 but, as one pundit pointed out, that was at the expense of two European countries that didn't even get out of their groups (Spain and Italy). And so, very slowly, Brazilians are starting to realise that the team just wasn't good enough.

We watched the other semi-final in Copacabana. Dreadful game and bad result from our perspective. Best forgotten.

The last two games were watched with friends at home. The big screens in the town squares had disappeared and there were ironic cheers from the Brazilians as the Dutch humiliated their team again, and relief that their arch enemy, the Argentinians, didn't win the World Cup in their own backyard. That would heve been too much of a deja-vu from the trauma of 1950 (when Uruguay won in Brazil). They say that lightning doesn´t strike twice!

Thank you Brazil, we've had a fantastic time!


Kapil Singh (One Hotspur Member, Johannesburg SC, South Afica)

I met Edgar Davids on Ipanema Beach and spent a morning on Pao de Acucar (Sugar Loaf Mountain). We hired a car for a road trip to Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo and returning to Rio for the Final. Our adventure ended on the 14th when we fly back home to South Africa.

We'll also be in a documentary to be aired on TV in Brazil on Globo News. It's about all the travellers from different parts of the world that came to Brazil purely for the World Cup.


Sean Jones (Spurs fan from Sydney, Australia)

The Brazil v Germany semi-final - what an absolutely incredible game. We were in the first 1,000 people in the gates, with many thousands directly behind us. The atmosphere in Brazil was certainly of nervous anticipation, but this result trumped what anyone here (and I can imagine anywhere else) thought was possible.

We were right behind the German goal in the first half so saw the first five go in right up close, and saw six of the eight goals at our end in total. We were right in the midst of Brazilian fans, most of whom were either in complete shock, disbelief and many of whom were in tears. A slight consolation to fans in our section was that Brazilian legend Ronaldo was commentating 10 metres away from us, and he even gave me a wave!

I donned my Sandro shirt, and it looked like Brazil really needed him on the field - a general who can break up attacking play. It was great to see that as soon as Paulinho came on, Brazil's defence and attack looked more organised and he and Bernard were clearly their best players.

Please send my consolation to the Beast, I tried to represent him well with the shirt but in the end, Brazilian flair was overcome by German precision! I'm sure Steffen and Lewis were happy!


Vijay Beekarry (Spurs fan from London)

This was my fourth World Cup and I was lucky to see three matches including England vs Uruguay and I had front-row seats which was a bonus. The other matches I saw were Argentina vs Bosnia and Spain vs Chile, all of which were great matches.


Fil Sollof (One Hotspur Member)

This is a picture of me on Copacabana Beach in Rio with the fan fest behind me. I spent three weeks in Brazil staying in five different cities - Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Rio and finally Salvador.

I watched seven matches including the classic USA vs Belguim, also got a chance to see Argentina to sample what an amazing atmosphere. I got to see England twice but that didn`t ruin my trip, lol! I came home after watching Holland beat Costa Rica on penalties to make it into the semi finals.


Jeffry Sujanto (e-Hotspur Member)

I'm a Spurs fan from Indonesia. This was my first ever World Cup live! I caught Netherlands vs Chile, Costa Rica vs England and Germany vs Algeria. I managed to get an exclusive pass for the warm-up for Netherlands vs Chile game and got a surprise live TV shoot with the mascot too, all sponsored by VISA. I managed to catch Germany vs USA in Rio FanFest at Copacabana Beach and Brazil vs Chile in Brahma Party on Morro da Urca, that was two different levels of awesome experience! Germany vs Algeria live in Porto Alegre was the best live WC experience I got to savour, having supported Jurgen Klinsmann all of my life, he led me to be a Spurs supporter after he first signed for us. And then there's also being under one roof with our very own amazing Nabil Bentaleb! Just wanted to share with my club my WC journey. WHL is my next dream!


Zach Weisz (Season Ticket Holder)

Here's a photo of me before the Belgium vs Algeria game in Belo Horizonte, where four Spurs players featured! I found a couple of Brazilian fans with whom I am in the picture. I'm on the left of the photo.


Steven Ocsko (Season Ticket Holder)

As well as being a Season Ticket Holder on the Lower Shelf Side, I am ardent England fan and follow the team all round the world, with Brazil being the latest (and quite possibly the best) trip made to date, certainly up there with South Africa.

Despite not getting out of the group we (myself and Karen, my wife) stayed on and had a superb time mixing with the locals and touring around this huge country. From the beaches of Salvador to the waters of the Iguasu Falls in Argentina (where I met a fellow Spurs fan who had quit his job for a two-month trek around South America!) I have some great memories, but one of the best was on Copacabana where the photo was taken and I had cocktails and steaks as the sun went down! A tough life this being a football fan!