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  • Twitter Q&A - Belgian special!
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Twitter Q&A - Belgian special!

Posted on 30 January 2014  - 17:00

Nacer Chadli, Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen answered questions from fans in a special Q&A on Twitter this week.

As always, the questions came flooding @SpursOfficial in for our Belgian international trio, whose answers are below.

Who will be next in the hotseat? Look out for our next Q&A - coming soon on @Spurs Official...


@andrew01992uk - How is life in London treating Mousa, Jan and Nacer? What's there fave thing?
Mousa: "Our favourite thing is to hang out and have fun together."

@MSR2311 - Toughest team ever faced?
Jan: "The German national team."

@miikeybrent - What's the long term ambition of the team?
Jan: "We're aiming for the top four and each year we try to do better from there."

@SouthKoreaSpurs - Belgium will meet Korea at Brazil at Group H. How do you think about us?
Jan: "They're a good team with good players, so it'll be a tough game."

@Shane_Killick - Out of the 3 of you, who would fancy their chances most in an arm wrestle against the beast @sandroraniere?
Jan: "Mousa. Sandro isn't that strong!"

@Ashleychittock - What's the best bit of advice the new manager has given you?
Jan & Nacer: "Work hard in training and pass the ball to Mousa!"

@SpursInTheBlood - Who was your footballing idol whilst growing up?
Mousa: "Me and Nacer say Jan Vertonghen. After that, Messi."
Nacer: "For me, Zidane."

@ben_brown_92 Who is funniest player in the squad?
All: "Kyle Walker!"

@_ChloeHewitt_ if you could have anyone superpower what would it be?
Mousa: "To fly!"
Jan: "For me, it would to make people happy."
Nacer: "Teleportation!"

@Belgian_Hotspur - How would you say 'To dare is to do' from your respective regions in Belgium?
Jan & Mousa: "Durven is doen." Nacer: "Oser,c'est faire.