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  • Twin Town with a Tottenham twist
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Twin Town with a Tottenham twist

Posted on 25 May 2016  - 02:00

Spurs fanatic Paul Henderson-Sowerby is pinning his club colours firmly to the mast when he takes on the 2016 Twin Town Challenge this weekend.


The Challenge sees 100 cars costing less than £500 drive from Witney in Oxfordshire to its twin town of Le Touquet in France and back via Silverstone and Abbeville circuits. It is not a race but a series of 12 fun challenges with the aim of raising money for charity.

We helped Paul to turn his motor into a Spurs Supercar, equipped with scarves, stickers…and few special passengers (see photo above).

After the race, the competing cars are auctioned off to raise money for Special Effect - a charity aimed at improving the lives of people with physical disabilities through video gaming. Find out more here: