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Tip on 10

Posted on 3 March 2010  - 12:00

This week's tip - Buying appliances and gadgets...

As most of you will know, the Club has taken up the 10:10 challenge and has committed to a 10% cut in carbon emissions and we'd like you to join us.

The more people that get on board with 10:10 the better and it's not as difficult as you think.

This week's tip - Buying appliances and gadgets

The average UK citizen will generate 3.3 tonnes of electronic waste in their lifetime. Of the 6 million electrical items thrown away in the UK every year, half are still working or could easily be repaired. Manufacturing electronic goods like computers or televisions requires large amounts of energy and raw materials contributing to climate change.

Being careful about what you buy and how you use electronic goods and appliances will save you money, cut down on energy and cut your carbon footprint. Think about keeping hold of your mobile phone for an extra year or increasing your computer's memory instead of buying a new one. When buying a new electronic product there are two key energy labels to look out for. The Energy Saving Recommended logo and the EU energy label, which grades products from A (best) to G (worst) for energy use.

The great news is about old electrical equipment is that someone, somewhere, will want it. Try offering it on