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Best starts - the stats!

Posted on 5 October 2016  - 16:30

Sunday's fine victory against Manchester City set a new Club-best mark of seven unbeaten matches at the start of a Premier League season.


Mauricio Pochettino's squad therefore toppled six matches set in 2004-05.

Take a look back in the history books and, no surprise, our double-winning team of 1960-61 set the standard.

Bill Nicholson's men won their first 11 matches in the old Division One - a win mark yet to be toppled in the top flight - on their way to 16 matches unbeaten that season. Coincidentally, it was City who halted that run with a draw but the team responded with another four wins to make it 16 unbeaten before finally losing against Sheffield Wednesday.

We've reached the 12-match unbeaten mark twice - 1959-60 and 1919-20 (in Division Two) - and the last time we hit double-figures was in Division One in 1990-91.

Number five in the all-time list is another season in Division Two with eight games in 1977-78 and now the class of 2016-17 are up to sixth with seven matches unbeaten.


Stats since our first season in the Football League, 1908-09

16 matches unbeaten - 1960-61 - won 15, drew 1 (Division One)
12 matches unbeaten - 1919-20 - won 11, drew 1 (Division Two)
12 matches unbeaten - 1959-60 - won 6, drew 6 (Division One)
10 matches unbeaten - 1990-91 - won 6 drew 4 (Division One)
8 matches unbeaten - 1977-78 - won 5 drew 3 (Division Two)
7 matches unbeaten - 2016-17 - won 5 drawn 2 so far (Premier League)

Other notes:

In 1949-50, we lost our third game, but then went another 22 matches before our next defeat, so lost just one of our first 25 matches (won 20, drew 4, lost 1).

Last season, we lost our opening game but then went another 14 games unbeaten (a record for us in the Premier League), so
after 15 matches, we'd lost just once (won 6, drew 8, lost 1).