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Posted on 21 February 2006  - 12:00

Martin Jol offers his considered view of the 2-2 draw with Wigan at the Lane on Sunday...

Martin Jol offers his considered view of the 2-2 draw with Wigan at the Lane on Sunday...

IT WASN'T THE best of games against Wigan on Sunday and they didn't allow us to play our football. We had to play their football and play the ball up to the strikers and try and win the second ball.

Even though it is not our game you have to do it - or you have to be good enough to play your own style on we couldn't do that on the day at the back. We couldn't find the spare man, we had one down the left with Lee Young-Pyo, but he was maybe too far advanced.

I wasn't frustrated after the match, I just felt the disappointment of the fans because we needed a win to create a cushion.

I feel more disappointed over the matches against Sunderland and Aston Villa.

It is true we have won just one game out of six, but we deserved more from the Aston Villa game and didn't get it - we also deserved more against Sunderland but got caught out late on. In the rest like Liverpool we did alright, people told us we were one of the best teams to have played there, but we took nothing when we really wanted to do well against a top side.

There was also the Fulham game where we again let in a late goal from a free-kick. It was a game where we were able to play well and should have got a result. It is good that we are in fourth, but if you really want to be a contender you have to win when you play well.

The line between success and failure is so thin and we can't push our luck. I still think things are positive, I don't think we deserved more than a 2-2 draw against Wigan but we managed to bounce back twice and they normally win games when they go ahead.

There are little details we have to do better on and learn from things. We don't have a lot of time and we have a very difficult programme ahead of us.

We have 11 games left to look forward to and we want to achieve something.