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Posted on 5 November 2007  - 12:00

Information for fans travelling to Tel Aviv for our UEFA Cup group match on Thursday.

Information for fans travelling to Tel Aviv for our UEFA Cup group match on Thursday.

Please remember that the kick off time is now 6:00pm local time. Fans are encouraged to arrive at the Stadium early, gates open at 4:00pm. Flags and banners are welcome, but those fans who have them should arrive in time for the Police to check the items before being allowed into the Stadium. Anything deemed as racist or offensive will not be accepted.

On arrival, fans should head to Gate 11 - there is only one entrance point for Tottenham fans.

Police will carry out searching of fans prior to entry, there will be a small number of Tottenham Stewards available should they be required. Any fan who appears to be intoxicated will not be allowed entry and could be subjected to arrest. Fans should take care when entering and exiting the Stadium which is via a steep staircase. There is a zero policy on drugs.

There will be no alcohol, as per UEFA rules, on sale in the Stadium and there is only one catering unit serving the seated area for Tottenham fans.

Welfare facilities are adequate, but low in number for female fans. Fans will not be allowed to enter with bottles of any type and we would suggest that large amounts of coins are used up prior to entry as these are liable for confiscation.

Discussions will take place in the night as to whether fans will be held back after the final whistle and all announcements to this effect will be made in English.

The Police recognise that a large number of fans will be returning direct to the airport and will have bags with them - please be aware that these will be searched prior to entry.

Finally, Security at the Airport is very intense and you may be held up for some time when waiting to depart. Please respect the way in which the Security will deal with your departure and be assured that they will assist you through as quickly as possible.

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