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  • Spurs v Manchester United ticket ballot update
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Spurs v United - ticket ballot update

Posted on 4 April 2017  - 17:00

In line with the changes to the allocation process for home match tickets at White Hart Lane this season, we can confirm that the ballot process is now being run for the fixture against Manchester United on Saturday, May 13, kick-off 3pm (date and time subject to change.)


We received 18,614 applications from One Hotspur Bronze and Lilywhite members for this match and there were 5,105 tickets available. Tickets for this fixture and our other Category A fixtures will be allocated, as previously advertised, by the number of loyalty points that the individual member holds.

The seat allocating process is still completing and members are advised to check their accounts later this evening to view the seat they have been allocated.

Tickets for the Manchester United fixture will be issued at random, based on the maximum price submitted, to those One Hotspur Bronze and Lilywhite members who applied by the deadline and who have 178 or more loyalty points. Only the members of the group with sufficient loyalty points qualify for a ticket. Tickets have NOT been issued based on the average number of points within a group.

All members with the required number of loyalty points will be given the chance to purchase a ticket for this match.

If you have been allocated a seat within the price points you stipulated when you applied following the completion of the random ballot, the transaction will be processed automatically. However, if you stated an upper price limit when you applied, you may not have been allocated a ticket at this stage due to there being no availability within your specified price range. Any member that this situation applies to will be offered a seat at a higher price. These members will be contacted by email within 48 hours and given the opportunity to purchase the available tickets in other price bands.

Members are advised that it was not possible to allocate individual areas or price bands by loyalty points. To do this would have resulted in many groups being split up and members who applied together (including junior members) potentially being separated from others in their group due to their differing points totals.

All One Hotspur members will receive an email advising them if their application has been successful or not in the next 24 hours. Successful One Hotspur members will be able to view their allocated seat(s) by logging into their account here. Once logged in, please select the ‘My Account’ option. Within the ‘My Account’ section please select ‘Account History’ and the seat details will show there.

Successful members are advised that the tickets for this match will be loaded onto the new stadium access cards issued this season.

If you are successful with your application and can no longer attend please email with your Client Reference Number(s) by 5pm on Wednesday, April 12, so we are able to cancel the match ticket price (booking fees are non-refundable) and offer it to a One Hotspur member who was unsuccessful in the original ballot.