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Posted on 6 July 2005  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

The next batch of your personal reflections from season 2004-05 including a first time visit from a now American fan and a suprise VIP day out...

Hi there! My name is Jason and I'm a Spurs supporter from St. Louis, Missouri (smack in the middle of the US). I've been following Premier League football for a couple of years now, but it was only recently that I became a Spurs supporter.

I travelled to London for the first time this past December for New Years. I knew I wanted to try and attend a Premier League game while I was there, and as it happened, Spurs were playing Everton on New Years day. Tickets were still available, so I quickly reserved one. The friends I went to London with couldn't afford to go, so it was just me attending the match.

The whole experience that day had a tremendous effect on not only my trip to London, but it also secured me as a Spurs fan from then on out. I was a bit out of my element, an American in North London, going somewhere completely unknown by myself. As I found out, getting to ground was pretty easy. All I had to do was follow the dozens of other Spurs supporters making their way to White Hart Lane from Seven Sisters.

I entered White Hart Lane and walked up the flights of stairs to find my seat. The halls were pretty small and cramped, so it was quite breathtaking getting to my seat and taking a look over the pitch and around the stands. It was still pretty much empty inside at that point, so I could only imagine what it would look liked when the match started. The stands eventually started to fill and the teams came out for their warm ups. By the time kick off arrived, we were packed in pretty tight!

The match contained everything I could have wanted. The crowd was into it the whole time. I was really amazed. Here I was, packed in amongst everyday Londoners, listening to the chants and songs from both sides, watching something that has always been time delayed (due to my viewing schedule), live.

The end result was Spurs 5, Everton, 2. When I left the ground it was dark and misty. I decided to make my way into the Shop before heading back to the tube. I left White Hart Lane to walk the long way back to Seven Sisters, amongst other Spurs supporters with a smile on my face. It was worth every penny to see the match, and I cannot wait to return to White Hart Lane to see the Spurs in action (live).

What clinched my support for Spurs was watching the match against Man U. on TV in a pub in central London a few days later. Everyone threw up his or her hands in celebration, and then confusion, as the apparent Mendes goal was never called. From that point on, I never looked back in my support for Spurs.

Since arriving home from my trip, I've been trying to catch all the televised games (or at least the highlights and goals) at a friend's house that has satellite. At the very least, I make sure to check the website every game day to see the results.

Jason Dickman
St. Louis, MO (USA)

Living in Dublin, it's not exactly easy to make it to a lot of games at the Lane! This season I was able to get to see two games. The first was in December against Southampton and the other opponents were the Villa in early May. Two five-one scorelines and to make things that little bit sweeter I was at both games with my life-long gooner of a girlfriend!!

Now maybe I was just lucky but I reckon if some wealthy fan out there is willing to ferry me to each game next season we will win the Premiership at a canter. Any offers????

Chris "Hughton" Carey

My favourite moment of the season was sitting in the Park Lane, beating Southampton 4-1 and singing Robbo 'What's the score'. Paul raised four fingers in the air. Within a couple of minutes we had scored again to make it 5-1. We then repeated our song to see Robbo put his whole hand in the air (signalling 5). The Park Lane stand went mad, what a great game & what a great keeper.

Chris Tedore

My favourite memory of the season has to be Martin Jol's reaction after "the goal that wasn't" at Old Trafford, every other fan/player or manager would have been screaming with smoke coming from his ears, but Jol just politely responded in a way which explained his kindness and love for the game.

Steve Bewley

Let's not forget the moment Mr Naybet put us one nil up against the old enemy at the Lane back in November. Both Park Lane and Shelf erupted, this is what football is all about. The entertainment that day was like no other, passion, adrenaline, desperation and pride. Despite the defeat, I left that day on cloud nine, not even a defeat, a marginal one, could take the shine of such a fine occasion.

The loss of Sir Bill was a painful one. However, he will never be forgotten. He will live on in the memories of all who witnessed his achievements, and through stories from the generations of the faithful.

The final day of the season also stands clear in my mind. The deserved reception Paul Robinson. Seeing him hobbling off against Villa was a sad moment. He deserves all of the praise he receives. He truly is appreciated by the support at the Lane.

Paul Turner

My story begins on the 10th of April - the day of the Newcastle United match at White Hart Lane and also the day of my 21st birthday. My dad Martin told me he was planning a surprise for me and I had absolutely no idea what it was. Neither of us are from London so when we got on a train bound for Kings Cross station I knew it was going to be a big day.

We arrived in london and instead of getting the tube (which would have told me pretty much where we were going) we got a cab straight to the ground. One of dad's one liners then came out as we turned onto White Hart Lane as he said "there you go son... you can wave to the ground as we go past... maybe we'll catch the second half of the game in a pub somewhere!" This intrigued me even more as to where we were going.

We finally got out in front of the stadium... dressed in our suits and dad gives me his surprise... a day in the Bill Nicholson suite - VIP treatment!! I struggled for breath as it really was a surprise and such a magnificent one at that! We walked in and began enjoying the day from there.

Not only did we get to watch a fantastic game (1-0 to the TOTT-EN-HAM!) but we got to meet such legends as Pat Jennings and Martin Chivers (I think dad enjoyed this more than me... being the idols from his era and all!) We managed to get autographs and pictures taken which meant something very special to both of us. We did a meet and greet with Sean Davis which just capped off the perfect day.

I'd like to thank the entire White Hart Lane staff for making us feel so welcome all the time we were there and of course to my dad to gave me a 21st birthday present i'll never forget!.....

I know its a long story but it's one I remember so well and I'd love it to appear on your site.

Thank you for your time

Richard Winstanley - Smith