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Sound Offs: Back Three?

Posted on 31 July 2002  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Damian Schade: I have mulled this over and would have to say. Richards, King & Doherty. Before Doc got injured last year he was our player of the season in the 4 or 5 games he played, I was so impressed with him. Richards is a rock and likewise king. Maybe swap king for perry if we need a bit more bite and speed around there. Its hard on Bunj and Thatcher but I just havent seen enough of Bunj yet and Thatcher will def get his chance at some stage. Tough task for Mr Hoddle but I think it's a good task to have.

Alex Beetles: I would start with Bunjy,as he is very stylish and turns defence into attack brilliantly, Richards, because he is the experienced rock in the defence and either King or Gardner. Probably King to pip Gardner to the third spot but he has to stop those errors in crucial games. Until Spurs buy a new striker I think there is no harm in trying Doherty
up front.

Neal Thomson: We have the best defence for years to choose from, we now need to fill the defence with the right players. King and Richards should be the first two players on the sheet each game and the third player is hard to pick, Gardner will come but not just yet, we need to build him up and play him in the right games and Doherty at the moment would be best played upfront with the lack of inform strikers we have and Bunjevcevic would be good playing in the holding role in Midfield until Freund returns. So my choice for the third player would go to Perry, a right battler who would do well. At least this season we should have enough cover if the players go down and hopefully that with not happen this season.

PJ Pritchard: I think it has to be King, Bunjy & Richards. Richards for the experience he has had in the past, and King and Bunjy have the strength and technical ability to make the back 3 solid. A better question would be who's gonna be the 3 starting midfield players??

Lawrence Baker: Why would you want to play five at the back when we have the talent of King, Bunji, Carr, Richards, Doherty, Thatcher, Thelwell and Gardner et al? If you want to win you play four at the back. Out of that lot we must have the best defence in europe.

Adrian Martin: First three have to be Richards, Dherty & King. Richards for his experience and ability in the air. King for his speed, timing and ability to come out of defence with the ball. Doherty as he is a good all rounder which gives the team more options tactically. The only other player who deserves a mention is thatcher as he is an excellant defender and could easily be in the 3 but he should be in at left back in place of hatchet Taricco. Imagine Carr & Thatcher bombing the wings?

Jobaer Ahmed: I think it's simple. Ledley King because he's quick, strong and elegant who can use the ball. Goran Bunjevcevic because if we do play a back three then his pace or lack or aerial ability won't be exposed although he's not bad in the air. I'd have him simply because he's excellent on the ball and to finish off the three I'd have Thatcher. Excellent left-foot also and a strong tackle. However if we were playing a team with good headers I'd
have Richards because of his ability in the air. However he's rather inconsistent and that's why I haven't made him first choice.

Kim Jennings: My choice for the starting three, would be Gardner and Doc as the markers with Bungy as the sweeper. Gardner is so quick and has great ability, he will be better than Campbell. Doc is Mr reliable, solid. Bungy is class and how we missed him last year, his ball playing is outstanding. Thatcher would be next in line, all the rest make way too many errors, King has potential but needs to improve, Richards was a waste of money, Perry apart from the odd last ditch tackle is poor and Thelwell just looks way out of his league.

Damian Carter: I think it has to be Richards, King and Bungee. Perry (always tenacious and hardworking) is almost there and Garnener too but they need to be back up. The Doc, excellent, as he is a utility player and is consistent. Thelwell, too naive and all too often caught out. Thatcher had a great end to the season and cannot be discounted. We have a fine squad...for once!!

Endir Daraselija: I think that Bunjevcevic must start as the sweeper. He has a great passing range, and after watching him for Red Star Belgrade, I know what he can do. He must be the organiser of the defence. And spread the play. This way we can free-up extra spaces in the midfield. Ledley King is a very talented player. Not just defensively. Which is maybe the weakest part of his game at the moment. He has time to improve this aspect, but he is composed on the ball. Dean Richards has had an up and down time in his first Tottenham season with some erratic form. But in the 1st half against Manchester United at White Hart Lane on his debut, he still looked the best defender we have had since I have been watching Tottenham. These 3 should start in my opinion.

Paul Goble: The chice is not 3 from 8 but 2 from 7 because I would always start with King. He's better than Campbell now and with him I'd play Richards and Bunjevcevic, who looks as close to a Beckenbaur-type sweeper as I've seen in a long time. He could therefore move forward with the ball and still have pace to cover.

Yong Hu: Hi, I am a spurs fan from China. I think spurs defence in last season is not very good due to injuries of some important player, maybe it will be improved soon. I think Richards and Perry definitely are definite starters alongside with Thatcher. Richards should be on the central, but he need help from Perry, Ben Thatcher is a fairly good player on the left. The other boys are not good enough to be the starters of Spurs, such as King,
Gardner, etc.

Matt Ing: I think King, Richards and Gardener in a back 3 and Doherty as back up. I think perry is not good and bunjevcivic is never fit.

Jimmy Chan: The first team should be start like this (3-5-2).
Keller (low goal against)
Carr (Solid)
Henry (talented)
Thatcher (Solid)
Anderton (Best crossing)
Acimovic (Skillful)
Redknapp (Just)
Jackson (Natural left)
Ziege (Good at defender and Attack)
Sheringham (Best of all)
Iversen(-) / Barnard (talented)

Ben Bowditch, Ron Henry & Lee Barnard are excellent, will be Spurs' future. Must place them in the first team squad.

Natan Butler: It would depend on what team you were up against. Let's say we were playing Man Utd, I'd play King, Perry and Richards, because they work well together and are solid as a unit. If we were playing Liverpool say, (boring) then I'd play Bunjevcevic, Doherty & Gardner because other than being good defender's their good on the ball and could start an early attack.

Darren Sidwell: I think that king Would definatly have to be in my defence because he is a highly skilled defender. Then it would be Perry he has played many spurs games and many times has saved us from the odd misshap. Then last doherty he is also good up front but he is excellent in the air.

Jason Reid: I think that Richards and King are our most strong defenders so they should start at the back. Then also to play at the back is Thatcher because he creates a lot of chances, pushes forward and defend great aswell.

Jonathan Pegler: You got play King, Gardner and Richards they are the best three we got. King is class, Richards is solid and Gardner has got it all.

Mark Hutley: I would play King, Richards and Gardner at the back with Bunje sitting just in front. With that I think that we would have a very solid, athletic back line with someone just on front to spray passes around the pitch setting up attacks.

Brodie Howatson: Bunji, man of the moment, has Spurs' class oozing out of him whenever he plays, and he'll link up great with Milo. Deano is a good bet, as he is quick and has defensive strength. Leds is also good going forward and one for the future and the experience of Bunjevcevic, and Richards will help him. However Doherty, Gardner and Thelwell are also good bets for the future, and their development should not be ignored. Oh, and keep Anderton. Don't swap him, he's immense. Please!

Paul Doherty: Our back 3 for the new season should be Doherty on the right side Richards in the middle and King on the left this gives use the perfect balance. We should'nt play King or Gardner on the right side as they are both left footed.

Tom Stewart: King, because of his pure talent and skill at such a young age. Bunjevcevic, because he has the technical ability and strength to hold the defence together. And Richards, because he is big, strong and very useful.

David Merrifield: Richards and Bunjevcevic are probably our most experienced pairing and should be given a chance to form an understanding with King (our best youngster) continuing to gain experience from the two of them.