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  • Sound Off Ref debate 2
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Sound Off: Ref debate 2

Posted on 29 August 2001  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Gary Doherty has now has his red card rescinded, but you still have your says on referees in the final batch on the ref debate question

Mike Williams: Refereeing has got to be brought to Rugby and Ice Hockey standards. That means instant playback. Surely it's obvious that match officials need help. Already this season Fulham were robbed at Old Trafford Blackburn were robbed at Derby. It's got to stop!!!

Ben Ashby: I totally agree with all the comments related to the two sendings off. I was in my local pub watching the game with a few of my mates (one of which is an Everton supporter) and we all agreed that the referee was possibly the worst we have seen since the Premiership started.

Andrew McPherson: The ref was absolutely shocking, I don't think he made a good decision all day. Taricco was very lucky to stay on, Everton should have had a goal, Doc's tackle wasn't even a foul let alone a sending off and there is no way at all that Poyet deserved to go off for a tackle like that. I just hope that Mr Elleray is big enough to admit he made mistakes and reduce the cards to bookings.

Robert Sang: Far too many dodgy decisions went our way in the first half. You just knew it was all going to go wrong in the second! I just hope that the red cards are overturned. I'd hate for such poor decisions to have lasting consequences, we had enough trouble with missing players last season! On another note, does it not seem ironic that Glenn Hoddle's predicted flamboyant, attacking line-up were stronger and better at holding on defensively than George Graham's efforts last season?

David Plaskitt: Gary never deserved that red card in a million years, Gustavo just can't help being rash and diving in, he did it enough for Chelsea when he was there, neither of the tackles were red card offences, Gary's wasn't even a foul, but at least it might serve to show that even though the refs have been made professionals, they still run the game like amateurs.

Stephen Correa: The two sendings off were a disgrace, and Mr Elleray should stick to his daytime job, and leave the business of refereeing to someone who knows about the game. Doherty was a perfect well timed tackle I cannot believe the decision, the game should have been allowed to continue, it was not even a yellow card offence. Poyet should have been cautioned, again I cannot believe the decision. Elleray go back to school and take on refereeing as an additional subject, he cost us the game. But even though we were reduced to nine men, we showed great character and great defensive play to hold out for the remainder of the game.

Brian Mayger: I have to agree with a number of comments about David Elleray. We have had more than our fair share of disputes with him in the past. In fairness Everton can be pretty upset with the Tarrico decision in the same way. Where was the ref? I can see little difference now that referees are "professional". They remain human although some are more human than others. Video replays and a 4th official has to be the way forward if we are to avoid the kind of nonsense seen on Monday. Elleray should not be a scapegoat for our team or others. Let him be given genuine support based on real evidence. It should reduce the number of heart attacks suffered by Spurs fans.

Simon Loveday: Gary is a class defender and was unjustly penalised by the ref for some very good acting by Mr Campbell. Unfortunately Gus was warned by the ref earlier in the game so I have to say warranted a yellow but not a red. I would like to add that for the first time in the last seven years I have a new belief in the Spurs team this year as it looks more balanced with youth and senior players and why is everybody so worried about Sol Campbell leaving? He has not lived up to the name that he got himself at Euro 96, since that tournament finished. I have seen Goran play a few times in the past and would fit into any team in the world - a world class replacement for a mediocre player in Campbell.

Daniel: The referee was ridiculous. If we had Doc and Gus on the field we probably would have won. I cant believe Elleray sent them both off when Doherty's wasn't even a foul and Poyet's was only a yellow card offence. The ref also somehow missed the challenge from Taricco, which was a blatant foul. And you say the referees are getting paid for this.

Paul Davies: When I first saw the incident I thought the Doherty tackle may have been a penalty, I am told subsequent replays show it should not have been but the red card was totally undeserved. Who would be a ref?

Jeff McLellan: This not the first time this referee has ruined my night watching football. Gus was sent off because the player he tackled made a meal of it, and don't most of them do. Gary did no wrong as the TV footage showed. Why can’t we have a fourth eye and for what time it takes with modern technology. I for one don't mind going home that little bit later, as long as I know we have not been cheated once again. What about the quick free kick argument? There should be some clarity from the referee's association on this point as they all seem to interpret the taking of the free kick differently.

Luis: Gary's dismissal for a great tackle is a disgraceful one. A boo-boo for the referee. Referees have to judge a match in an objective and fair manner. Though Gus Poyet's tackle looks kinda ugly, I'm sure there's no malice. Gus does not deserve a dismissal as well. To be fair, if ref thinks that Gus deserves the dismissal, what about Tarrico's? His tackle is a horror, though I'm a die-hard spurs' fan, I want the team to play in a fair way. To conclude, the referee's consistency and decision is very questionable.

Stephen Walker: I agree with the consensus so far, both sendings off were harsh and ultimately spoilt the game as a contest. The boys did well to hang on. If the tackle on Gravesen by Mauricco Tarrico is now to be the subject of an enquiry using video evidence, I sincerely hope the same criteria will be used to 'clear' both Gary and Gus. To do otherwise will only increase the sense of injustice.